About Rosie

I'm a lifelong Toronto resident who has travelled a lot but loves home best. I think Toronto is an amazing place to live, work, raise a kid, eat, shop, and sight-see. I created this website to help you explore this diverse and interesting city and share the cool stuff I come across. My Toronto Scoop is a happy project. You will just find joy on these pages.

I love music. I love to read. I love to watch great stuff on TV and see movies and concerts and plays. I love public art and film fests. There is nothing I won't eat and I want to try every restaurant, food truck and anything else edible that pops up in the city. I am a wife, mom and special needs advocate who has worked in Toronto media for over 20 years. My husband and son are usually with me as we travel the city; you are sure to spot them in my pics. We are currently eating our way alphabetically through every country in the world right here in Toronto; follow the #WorldInMyCity adventure here. Hope you enjoy the Scoop. Rosie :)



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