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LEGO Store at Sherway Free Mini Model Build

LEGO. It's the retro toy that you don't feel kind of weird about loving, like Barbie or the Easy Bake Oven. The LEGO stores are so colourful; the one at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke has this giant red block right at the entrance that I would love to put right on my front lawn.

rsz_lego_store_002 (2).jpg

rsz_lego_store_005 (2).jpg

On my most recent trip to Sherway, I noticed a huge line outside the LEGO store.

rsz_lego_store_008 (2).jpg

That's because it was Mini Model Build Night. Once a month, kids can learn how to build a special LEGO model, and then they get to take it home for free. That explained the line! The event is open to kids ages six to 14 and there is a different theme each month. To find out when the next Mini Model Build is taking place, click on the LEGO store closest to you at the LEGO website and you'll see a store calendar on the right. Rosie :)

Mini Circuit Toy Store | Etobicoke: NOW CLOSED

*Update: This store closed in January 2019.*

When I was little, I was in some crazy mad love with my Raggedy Ann doll. I think I literally loved her to pieces. When we walked over to our awesome neighbourhood toy store Mini-Circuit today I noticed a brand-new display of Raggedy Anns. I was like- whaaaaaat!?! The owner informed me these beloved rag dolls are making a comeback. Before I get to THAT, here are the dollies.

Raggedy Ann & Andy @ Mini-Circuit.jpg

I know. Beyond adorable. So when I got home I read on Variety that the king of puppeteers, Kevin Clash (that would be ELMO for those of you who are toddler-free) and the Gotham Group (producers behind Elmo's Christmas Countdown- yes that's where Alicia Keys sings Do You Hear What I Hear with Elmo) are making a movie starring the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. The CG and puppetry will be outstanding obviously; these people how to make characters come to life. Little ones and their nostalgic mamas are going to love it. In the meantime, if you are swooning over these sweet dolls and like shopping at local shops instead of Walmart or Toys"R"Us, visit Mini Circuit at 747 The Queensway at Royal York. The store has a great selection of wonderful toys, including totally impractical giant Big Birds and old-school rocking horses. Love! Rosie :)