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Butter Chicken Roti | West Queen West

This delicious roti restaurant is right on Queen West across from The Great Hall. The Butter Chicken Roti menu features classic Indian dishes with a contemporary take. The food is so tasty and the service is excellent. I like their spice scale:

Mild- Is water a spice?
Mild/Medium- I like it a little spicy
Medium- I never turn down the heat
Medium/Hot- Go Big, but not too big
Hot- Come at me, I got this
Extra Hot- What on earth is wrong with me?

Pictured below is my (mild/medium) butter chicken roti to go. One of my faves. Rosie :)


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'ONO Poké Bar | Liberty Village

Poké bowls are such a great meal; fresh, healthy and full of flavour. 'Ono Poké Bar in Liberty Village offers a lovely selection of bowls including spicy mango salmon, ahi honey tuna and the torched ahi tuna, which is pictured here:


This bowl is filled with avocado, carrot, edamame, green onion, pear, red cabbage tenkasu, fried onion, furikake and topped with the most delicious torched ahi tuna covered in sriracha aioli. You can choose from a poké bowl or sushi burrito base. This bowl was $15. You can use the Ritual app to order, which I lovvvvvve! Rosie :)

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Caplansky's Deli | College Street

So glad the deli king is back in business! Zane Caplansky made news in June when he had to get an injunction against his landlord for terminating the restaurant's lease because of failure "to effect repairs not authorized by the landlord." Caplansky said it was completely out of order, fought it, and now he's back making the best deli food in the city. And it's a good thing because Toronto was freaking out. The 6ix needs their smoked meat fix... where is Beyonce supposed to nosh when she's in town? This is the OG location of Caplansky's and the food is great whether you dine in or take it to go, which we did. My little man's favourite are the perfectly fried potato latkes, which did not make it home.

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Fat Bastard Burrito | Etobicoke

When you are very hungry, don't feel like cooking, and don't feel like making any more effort than unwrapping a piece of foil, burritos are the way to go. Fat Bastard's huge shrimp burritos are my fave. All the toppings are in here including lo mein noodles. Always dependable and delicious. Rosie :)


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Chaban | Etobicoke

Welcome to Chaban, a Korean restaurant in south Etobicoke. It's cheerful, casual, and crazy fresh. The bibimbap, which is a signature Korean dish that literally means "mixed rice", is delicious. The chili paste is served on the side.


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San Remo Bakery | Mimico

When I want to bring a spectacular dessert to a dinner party, I head to a very special Italian bakery in south Etobicoke. San Remo is one of my favourite bakeries and cafes in the city. The pastries are beautiful, fresh and delicious. Their macarons rival some of the best pastry shops in the city including Nadege, and I love Nadege. It is crazy busy and you will understand why after you eat something at San Remo. It is the real deal.


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Fresh East | Downtown Yonge

I wish this sandwich shop was here when I went to Ryerson. I would have eaten a lot less of Ernie's hot dogs (no offense Ernie!) Fresh East by Paramount Fine foods is a Middle-Eastern inspired take-out eatery just steps from Yonge Dundas Square in downtown Toronto serving pitas, sandwiches, soups and salads prepared with the freshest ingredients.


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Rocco's Plum Tomato II (Take-Out)

In this entry I'm telling you about Rocco's take-out, which is located right beside the Rocco's Plum Tomato restaurant on the Queensway in south Etobicoke. There is a separate entrance right beside the main restaurant. This is one of the best lunch spots in the west end. For many, many years we have been buying enormous veal sandwiches from Rocco's. For under $10, this is a sandwich that cannot be beat for taste, size and value. It comes smothered with authentic sauce, mushrooms, onions and peppers.



Mr. Sub at Markham & McNicoll

There is a Mr. Sub just down the road from the radio station I work at. We eat there a lot. Initially it was because of the proximity. But now it's because the owners Sam and Anna run their sandwich shop with such love for their customers. They remember your name and they remember your order. The place is full of regulars every day. AND of course, the subs are awesome. So fresh and delicious.


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Appalachia Smokehouse & BBQ

Do you love slow smoked BBQ all smothered with delicious sauce? Appalachia is the real deal. The brisket, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches are seasoned with a signature house rub and piled on fresh brioche buns.



Rawlicious Bloor West Village

We eat regularly at Fresh and Thrive Organic so I was excited to see a Rawlicious pop up nearby. Rawlicious differs from other vegan and organic eateries because it just offers raw food, which is food that has not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade (117 degrees Fahrenheit). So, all the menu items are foods in their natural state. Rawlicious is delicious. The taco wrap is great for lunch. It is a collard leaf stuffed with seasoned nut loaf, guacamole, romaine lettuce, salsa and almond nut cheese.


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McNie's Fish & Chips

We wanted to celebrate Robbie Burns Day with some haggis. This Scottish dish of sheep's heart, liver and lung is seasoned and mixed with suet and oatmeal then boiled in the sheep's stomach. At McNie's, they deep fry it. Not traditional, but way yummier.

rsz_haggis (2).jpg

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Hoai Huong Vietnamese Restaurant

This south Etobicoke Vietnamese restaurant offers simple and straightforward dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. I love how beautifully presented the plates are:



The Burger's Priest (South Etobicoke)

Until now the best non-processed high quality burgers in this area were available at Woody's. Now that the Burger's Priest has arrived, there are more options for burgers made with ultra premium beef. Here is the Priest, which is two patties with cheese and secret sauce:


Here is the Priest with the "Option" on top: two roasted portabello mushrooms, breaded and deep fried.


There are locations of The Burger's Priest all over Toronto and the GTA now. If you visit their website, you can access the Secret Menu if you answer a skill-testing question. Rosie :)

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See What's Cookin' with Online Food Delivery

rsz_1imag1814_1_2 (2).jpgI love, love, LOVE ordering in. When I find a restaurant I really like, I always check to see if they deliver. I've just discovered a new online food delivery service in Toronto that is GREAT, especially for those nights when you are feeling uninspired and need some new ideas. is different from other food delivery sites because it helps you out if you aren't sure what to order, offers meal suggestions based on the number of people dining and lets you filter by type of cuisine (so if you don't want to see a million pizza places you don't have to). Best of all, it is an absolutely free service- there are NO extra fees added to the prices charged by the restaurants. offer discounts, so ordering in may actually save you money. I use it frequently, and what I really enjoy about ordering with is that it helps you discover new places to eat in Toronto. Within five minutes of checking it out, I learned about a new Thai restaurant as well as a sushi spot I didn't realize delivered. What's also very cool is that the SoHungry photographers go out and actually shoot pics of all meals, so when you are browsing the site what you see is what you are really gonna get for dinner! The food selection and the deals offered are exclusive to SoHungry so you won't get those prices on any other delivery site.Whether you are looking for a veggie dinner for two from Thai Room in Liberty Village or a pasta and veal family special for three people from Ciccio's Pizza and Pasta, there really is something for every hungry person looking to have dinner come right to the door. See what's cookin' with the next time you want to order delivery online from restaurants near you. Rosie :)

Special offer for My Toronto Scoop readers! Receive $5 off when placing your first order at Just enter the coupon code 5VAL when placing your first order.


Viking Fish and Chips

Every year on Good Friday, we go to Viking Fish and Chips on the Queensway. It's a neighbourhood gem.The halibut is so fresh and the batter is perfect; light and crispy.

rsz_viking1 (2).jpg

Wondering where to buy Irn Bru in Toronto? It's here:

rsz_irnbru (2).jpg

Viking Fish and Chips has been in business for over 50 years. It was starting to show it's age but has recently been renovated and now looks as great as the food tastes. Rosie :)

rsz_viking (2).jpg

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The Pie Commission: Butter Chicken Pie

The first time we visited The Pie Commission, we had Beef 'N Beer pies. I am planning to try all the flavours on the menu, and was especially looking forward to the Butter Chicken pie everyone is always raving about. Went back. Had it. Totally lived up to the hype. Love the caraway seeds on top:

rsz_butterchickenpie (2).jpg

There is a Lobster and Shrimp pie on the menu right now I'm excited to try, but it's always sold out. It smells SO GOOD in this little shop... I'm such a fan! Rosie :)

The Pie Commission on Urbanspoon


Bua Thai on The Queensway

I love ordering Thai food from Bua Thai. Everything is always so fresh and flavourful. Here are our go-to dishes. First up: duck lettuce wraps.


The beef salad is one of my faves. It has a nice heat:


Pad thai with chicken and shrimp. I always look forward to these leftovers.


We rotate through the green and red and peanut curry... tonight was peanut's turn:


It's hard to try other Thai restaurants that deliver because Bua Thai is always so good. You can also eat-in (the restaurant is lovely) or take-out. Rosie :)

Bua Thai on Urbanspoon


Dino's Burrito- NOW CLOSED

Despite it being my experience that burritos don't really photograph well, I have done my best to capture my grilled shrimp burrito from Dino's on the Lakeshore.

rsz_dinoburrito (2).jpg

It was not your traditional burrito with toppings like guacamole and sour cream, but rather filled with mushrooms and cheese. Not for everyone, but a good option if the lines are too long at Fat B's or Burrito Boyz. Rosie :)

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Rocco's Plum Tomato II on The Queensway

There is a take-out location of Rocco's Plum Tomato right next door to the Rocco's restaurant on The Queensway. For many years now, this is the place we pick up dinner on a Friday night. This is hands down the best place in Toronto for a sandwich under $10. My favourite is the breaded veal, followed by the meatball.



The sandwiches are huge, freshly made, piled high with the best toppings and sauce, and consistently delicious.



The pizza is also excellent. You never know what slices will be ready when you get there... tonight there was a pretty good selection.


Keep in mind, while Rocco's is a chain, this particular Rocco's is a cut above. The sauce is authentic and when you order take-out here, everything is made fresh. Which means sometimes you have to wait a little, and it's always worth it. Rosie :)

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Chodang Soon Tofu

If you dig tofu, you have to try this little Korean restaurant. Toronto Life raved about it awhile back and I was intrigued. They make their creamy silky smooth tofu fresh in the back every morning. It is the star of the mains, which is cool as tofu is usually a filler not the focal point of the dish. The menu is traditional Korean and the tofu stews come with lots of tasty savoury sides including fried fish, bean sprouts, kimchi and cold tofu.

Cho Dang Soon Tofu sides

I wanted to try their specialty, the silken tofu, which differs from the regular tofu because it is strained through silk instead of cheesecloth, making the consistency like a creamy custard. It was delicious.

Cho Dang Soon silken tofu

The soft tofu stew comes with a raw egg that you break into the stew to thicken it. There is a selection of flavours to choose from including beef, pork, oyster and mushroom. We had mushroom and beef.

Cho Dang Soon Tofu stew

The stew comes with a bowl of whole grain rice which is prepared in a separate stone pot. Hot tea then poured into the stone pot to loosen the rice. You are meant to eat this soaked rice (it's called 'burnt rice soup') after your meal to aid your digestion.

Cho Dang Soon Tofu rice

Cho Dang Soon Tofu is delicious, authentic and incredibly affordable. Two people can dine heartily, and quite healthily, for under $25. You can also get takeout and purchase their fresh tofu separately to eat later. Rosie :)

Cho Dang Soon Tofu

Chodang Soon Tofu on Urbanspoon


The Pie Commission

There is a new place to get savoury meat pies in Toronto. (And it's right in my hood, which is a bonus.) The meat pies at The Pie Commission are delicious. Everybody is talking about it. Please meet the Beef 'N Beer Pie, made with Great Lakes Red Leaf Lager. What a nice touch to use a local brewery; it's just a few blocks away.




The pastry is the best I've ever had. Flavourful and hearty, this is a really tasty lunch that is a welcome change from the usual for under $10.



You can get takeout to eat right away, or pies to bake later at home. The flavours are amazing: braised beef, butter chicken, thai green chicken curry, chicken cheddar mash, and a couple of vegetarian options as well, one with a gluten-free crust. Rosie :)

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Woody's Burgers

Not much to say here except Woody's Burgers are the best burgers in the city. The meat is from local cattle. Everything is made fresh on-site every day. There is no processed crap in any of it. They are even made-to-order on a Canadian hardwood burning grill. You have to wait a bit, but as you can see, it's so worth it.

rsz_woodys (2).jpg

The one on the left has gorgonzola and smoked ketchup. The one on the right, brie and roasted peppers. So next year Toronto Life, make your way west to Long Branch and add Woody's to your list of best burgers in the city. Don't be scared, south Etobicoke is nice. And it's Toronto! Rosie :)

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FBI Pizza | Mimico

We have been excited to order from FBI Pizza, which Toronto Life named one of the top delivery spots in the west end. FBI Pizza (which stands for Full-Blooded Italian, hee!) is brought to the awesome Mimico neighbourhood by the owners of Queen Margherita, so we had high expectations. It did not disappoint. We got a "bigger" pie with a whole-wheat crust, topped with with bocconcini, caramelized onions and pepperoni (I can't have pizza without pepperoni.) Here is the pizza in its entirety. It does not look like that anymore.

rsz_fbi (2).jpg
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