Toronto Store Closures

Angelic Nails Bar | South Etobicoke: NOW CLOSED

**Angelic Nails Bar closed in February 2020.**

For years I never bothered with manicures because my nails do not grow too long without breaking, and polish always chipped off within hours of getting my nails done so didn't really see the point. Then the SHELLAC manicure came around and that changed... now even my short nails could have amazing colours that actually lasted. There are lots of great places in Toronto to get a good shellac manicure but I found a new place on The Queensway that is just a little extra special. I rarely get the trendy pretty nail art because my nails are so short, but at Angelic Nails Bar even short nails can have ombré...


I never know what I want so I loved that Lyda took charge and gave me the most gorgeous festive nails for the Christmas season. She's awesome! Angelic Nails Bar is located at 732 The Queensway in south Etobicoke, just east of Royal York. 416-792-0341. Rosie :)

Embella Party Supplies and Giftware- NOW CLOSED

My little man loves balloons, so every year for his birthday we make sure to have a big batch of colourful ones. This year I picked them up from a great shop in my neighbourhood: Embella Party Supplies and Giftware. Not only do they have an excellent balloon selection and helium services, but they have a wonderful selection of gifts particularly if you have little girls to buy for. These tulle skirts and dresses are adorable:




I love a good hair accessory. All the hairbands and bows will make your eyes pop:



Most of the pieces are one-of-a-kind, and made by local artisans. These little crocheted shawls and dresses are beautiful.


There is also a lovely selection of jewelry for mummies, as well as a party room, loot bag service and sewing classes. Embella Party Supplies and Giftware is located at 647 The Queensway in Etobicoke. Rosie :)

embella9 (2).jpg

Beddington's Bed & Bath | Bloor West

**Update: The Beddington's location in Bloor West Village has closed.**

I don't need to buy sheets very often, but when I do, I go to Beddington's Bed & Bath in Bloor West Village. They have the best sheets.


Beddington's was founded in Ottawa, Ontario in 1991. There are retail locations in Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, Kingston, Ottawa and Gatineau. You can also buy their cozy soft bedding online. Rosie :)

Buying Reusable Swim Diapers Online

**Update: Diaper-eez closed in 2017. Gabby's products are available online at the My Lil' Miracle website.**

I took my little man swimming fairly early, at six months. I had a feeling he was going to love the water like I do, and he so does. At first I bought the disposable swim diapers but was turned on to the reusable Mother-ease brand after visiting one of my favourite baby stores, Diaper-eez in Bloor West Village. Diaper-eez is known for a quality selection of baby products and particularly their cloth diaper systems. Swimming lessons are starting up again and I anted to buy him another pair, but they were out of stock in his size. They recommended I visit Gabby's online store. They have such a great variety of reusable swim diapers and pool pants, and they are so cute. Look at these turtle ones I got him.

rsz_poolpantprint (2).jpg

What I like about Gabby's swim diapers over the Mother-ease ones is that they have hook and loop closures which gives you some flexibility as your little one grows. Gabby's is online only at They have been making this stuff since 1990. Rosie :)

Rescue Vintage Holiday Sale

There is a huge holiday sale going on right now at Rescue Vintage on Ossington. The entire store is buy one item, get one 50% off. Everything is included in this sale: new arrivals, vintage and already reduced items. Sale details are in the flyer below. If you still have some shopping left to do, why not do it at a gorgeous local boutique? Skip the mall, it's a horror show. Rosie :)

Holiday Sale (2).jpg

Fashion Forward: Craigslist for Clothes: NOW CLOSED

If you get bored of your clothes and like to send them to consignment shops so they get a second life in another closet while you recoup some cash, then you are going to love this website. Canadian and American shoppers can shop for AND sell apparel and accessories online for free at Fashion Forward, which is like Craiglist but just for fashion. It couldn't be easier to use. I signed up for an account to sell my very fashion-forward sister-in-law Amanda's purse. Inspired by one of the bags Anne Hathaway wears in The Devil Wears Prada, we thought perhaps this stylish piece would catch the eye of a frugal fashion-find-seeking online shopper.


photo (21).JPG

When you create your account, you choose a location to let shoppers know where you are situated. I really like how local the site is; I could pick Etobicoke as my location instead of Toronto. Upload a picture of what you would like to sell, write a description, add your asking price, and then list it. Here's the purse (which Amanda bought at Kataya) listed on the Fashion Forward site.


I see there is also a kids Canada Goose snow suit for sale right now in Alliston that has never been worn. There are many categories to shop, including wedding dresses, costumes and baby clothes. When you sell your stuff on Fashion Forward there are no fees and they take no commission, so you earn 100% of whatever your item sells for. Fashion Forward also supports the awesome charity New Circles which provides clothing to those who need it. So friends, there is your new way to waste time at work. Rosie :)