Toronto Restaurants with Views of the Lake

Firkin On The Bay | Humber Bay Shores

For the longest time the only place to eat on a patio on the Humber Bay Shores was at Eden. It's really good but it's nice to have some other options. Firkin on the Bay is a welcome addition to this pretty area. Even if you sit inside, the huge floor-to-ceiling windows give a great view of Lake Ontario and the downtown Toronto skyline. The interior is inspired by a London tube station and is really fun and funky, with huge industrial open ceilings and giant bright canvases.


Amsterdam Brewhouse | Harbourfront

Amsterdam Brewhouse is the perfect place to go if you want to meet a bunch of friends on a Saturday night to watch the Leaf game, in a really nice bar with really good food. I love anyplace on the water that has a view like this:


In addition to an excellent beer selection, the menu has some really well-above-average tasting pub food. Highlights for me were this poached pear salad with bruleed goat cheese, and brown butter lobster rolls with poutine:



A casual, lively and lovely spot that overlooks the harbourfront. Rosie :)

Snug Harbour | Port Credit

Snug Harbour is a seafood restaurant right in the Port Credit Marina. I love it. It feels like you've gone on vacation when you eat there. If you enjoy waterfront dining, this is such a perfect spot to have lunch or dinner. Check out these views:



The menu has a great selection of fresh seafood. Here are some Glacier Bay and Blue Point oysters:


Highlights of the antipasto platter include the kiwi mussels, genoa salami, sweet chili marinated shrimp and incredibly flavourful ciabatta loaf and cheese:


The blackened catfish is seared and seasoned with Cajun spices:


And the tiger shrimp were cooked perfectly with garlic, shallots, white wine, lemon juice and chili peppers.


There is also selection of pizzas and pasta as well as burgers and sandwiches if you don't dig seafood. Snug Harbour was recently renovated and now has a much more modern, hip atmosphere, so if you haven't been in awhile it's definitely worth a revisit. Rosie :)