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The Earl of Whitchurch | Stouffville: NOW CLOSED

For many of us, the point of going to a pub is to have a cold delicious pint. Now, there is certainly no shortage of excellent local beers to choose from at the Earl of Whitchurch, but we were there for the food. This is a pub for people who like to eat, and eat WELL. The mac 'n cheese burger is huge and juicy and really quite beautiful to behold.

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West City Snack Bar in Etobicoke: NOW CLOSED

I love telling you about great new places to eat on the west side of Toronto. Sometimes they pop up without much fanfare and you don't even realize there is a new restaurant serving amazing Jack and Coke sliders on Horner Avenue. West City Snack Bar is a delicious new lunch spot in south Etobicoke with creative menu items that change up regularly.


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Marca on Main | Markham: NOW CLOSED

*UPDATE: This is now a banquet hall for private events. Marca on the Wharf in Cobourg is a full-serve restaurant open to the public.*

Tucked right in that lovely stretch of historic Main Street Markham is a beautiful restaurant with seriously authentic Italian food. Marca on Main is open for lunch on Friday afternoons and on a warm July day it felt like a little escape to a trattoria in Rome. No one wants to make tough decisions in the summer so we ordered most of the appetizers and lots of white wine. The calamari fritti were light and tasty, served with fresh horseradish, garlic and lemon aioli.


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Ezra's Pound on Dundas West: NOW CLOSED

UPDATE: Ezra's Pound has closed. It has been converted by owner Ezra Braves to S. Lefkowitz, Toronto's first hummusia. Crushed chickpeas are awesome, so love the idea of a hummus-only eatery. Rosie :)

PUBLISHED AUGUST 18 2012: I like a coffee shop that is not afraid to tell you they WANT YOU TO DRINK BETTER COFFEE. Sometimes we all need a reminder.

Ezra's Pound on Dundas.jpg

The coffee at Ezra's Pound is certainly better. I like a good bold Americano and each cup is made to order, and brewed to perfection, every time.

Ezra's Pound on Dundas_coffee.jpg

There are two locations of Ezra's Pound in the city. This one is at 913 Dundas St. West at Bellwoods. The other is 238 Dupont, at Madison. Rosie :)

Ezra's Pound Dundas location.jpg

Ezra's Pound on Urbanspoon

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Mezza Lebanese Kitchen: NOW CLOSED

Recently I had lunch at an excellent Lebanese restaurant in Toronto called Mezza. The food was delicious, fresh and beautifully presented. I drove by yesterday and was surprised to see it is now a Japanese restaurant! I was quite disappointed, as I definitely would have returned. The service, decor and cuisine were top-notch. Rosie :)


Mezza Lebanese Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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Yours Truly- NOW CLOSED

It's easy to eat at Yours Truly. The five-course tasting menu focuses on a main ingredient for each dish. You have two options for each course. You pick, and the server brings, along with five amuses. There is also a wine pairing option. The wine selection is excellent. The food looks like art, and the flavours are insane. Some highlights:

Main ingredient... Uni:




Beef cheek raviolo:




Toronto Life chose Yours Truly as the best new restaurant in 2012. Jeff Claudio has since left but Lachlan Culjak is doing just fine. Your Truly also offers a Carte Blanche menu, which is a blind tasting menu. The kitchen selects 20 courses based on your preference of meat or vegetarian.There is a limited number of Carte Blanche seatings so reserve in advance. Rosie :)

Yours Truly on Urbanspoon

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Dino's Burrito- NOW CLOSED

Despite it being my experience that burritos don't really photograph well, I have done my best to capture my grilled shrimp burrito from Dino's on the Lakeshore.

rsz_dinoburrito (2).jpg

It was not your traditional burrito with toppings like guacamole and sour cream, but rather filled with mushrooms and cheese. Not for everyone, but a good option if the lines are too long at Fat B's or Burrito Boyz. Rosie :)

Dinos Burrito on Urbanspoon

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Lardon on Roncesvalles: NOW CLOSED

Cowbell was one of our favourite restaurants so we were pretty disappointed when it went out of business. It's really too bad, especially as chef Mark Cutrara was one of the first to bring local, organic, nose-to-tail dining to the city- and one of the first to do it in Parkdale. By following Chef Cutrara on Twitter, I saw that he was a fan of the foie gras at Lardon so we decided to check it out. The foie was amazing, and so was the venison striploin with Ontario asparagus, baby carrots, brussel sprouts and roasted shallot jus:

lardon venison.jpg

Also lovely- the in-house smoked duck breast with Ontario asparagus, Yukon gold mash, mushrooms and blueberry sauce.

smoked duck breast lardon.jpg

Lardon is located right on Roncesvalles across the street from one of the best cafes in Toronto, Roncy's Bean. Rosie :)

Lardon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


NOW CLOSED: The Saint | Ossington

*The Saint on Ossington closed in spring of 2016.* I don't know why I don't hear more about the Saint. It is one of the best restaurants I've been to on Ossington. The vibe is hipster pub, but the food is inspired Jacobs Steakhouse quality (they actually use the same supplier as Jacobs & Co.) Everything is made in-house, and I love a server who is not only genuinely knowledgeable about the menu but so passionate about the food that I found myself totally excited about the wedge salad, and as Homer Simpson so wisely put it, you don't win friends with salad. I think Homer would have made friends with this one. It had delicious salty meat in it.

wedge salad.jpg

We all had steak, and our server organized the most ideal cut in the kitchen to ensure an optimal meat-eating experience. It tasted like candy.

Nov30-12 020 (2).jpg

There is a 40-ounce porterhouse on the menu, apparently it is very popular. Not surprised. The Saint is open for dinner and weekend brunch; you can reserve on Open Table. Rosie :)

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I never ate at Angelo D's, which was for years one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the west end. It has closed down, but the very talented chef who ran it has popped back up on the Queensway with a new restaurant called Prego. I figured we would get around to trying it eventually but the urgency increased when I saw a huge sign advertising Coniglio Wednesday Nights. That would be rabbit night. That is awesome. Bunnies are delicious! We ended up going on a Saturday night hoping rabbit would still be worked into one of the specials and it was. In addition to a delicious rabbit ravioli in a rabbit ragu, the house-made goat cheese salad was incredible. This is my kind of salad- a huge hunk of perfect cheese with some greens making it look pretty.


The mushroom salad was also very, very good.


You don't have to love coniglio to enjoy dinner at Prego; the menu has a lovely selection of Italian favourites. Despite being of Italian descent I'm actually not a huge rabbit fan. I had the penne alla vodka. It's my Canadian husband with the Italian soul who loves rabbit. Rosie :)

Prego Ristorante on Urbanspoon

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Fishbar on Ossington: NOW CLOSED

If you dig seafood, you have to eat at Fishbar. I am a big, big fan of little salty fishes and look at who arrived at our table. Fried lake smelts with sea salt and lemon.

Fishbar Smelts.jpg

The menu is tapas-style with a great selection of creative dishes. We also had grilled calamari with capers, olives, cherry tomatoes and lemon zest, tacos with halibut and shrimp ceviche, guacamole and chili, and this grilled whole fish. It was stuffed with a totally delicious green olive gremolata.


Not only was the food fantastic but the vibe is great too, all energetic and buzzy without being annoying. Everyone was happily eating oysters and drinking Prosecco, the way happy people should on a beautiful Friday night on Ossington. I'll be back for you, Portuguese sardines. Rosie :)

Fishbar on Urbanspoon

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Melt Grilled Cheese on Lakeshore: NOW CLOSED

Aren't you enjoying how grilled cheese sandwiches are trending in Toronto these days? I quite like that there are eateries entirely devoted to melting cheese between bread. The classic grilled cheese at Melt in Long Branch is crazy good. Here it is on asiago and red pepper bread. You can also add several free toppings but I kept it simple.


Melt is another yummy spot in Long Branch, a lovely part of Etobicoke which is home to my other guilty pleasure Ice Cream Junction. Look how happy the staff is, and why shouldn't they be? They delight people all day long serving them insanely delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. And poutine. Everyone in this place is smiling.



You may have noticed in this pic a sign in the window advertising "Toonie Tuesday." On Tuesdays, you can get Melt's classic grilled cheese sandwich with Canadian cheddar for two bucks. Melt tweets their specials every day; you can follow them on Twitter @Meltgrilledchz Rosie :)

Melt Grilled Cheese on Urbanspoon

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The Cupcake Outlet: NOW CLOSED

I was back at the Cupcake Outlet on the weekend and as usual Mary met me with a big smile. Walking into this colourful little shop just makes me feel happy, with it's pretty stripey walls and delicious smell of insane amounts of sugar. Soon they will have ice cream, and more savoury cupcake flavours, which are my favourite. My weekend cupcakes were chocolate monkey (filled with banana) Dalmatian, lemon meringue, red velvet and Oreo. Mary didn't have my favourites on hand, chocolate mint and maple bacon. Next time! Rosie :)


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Keriwa Cafe: NOW CLOSED

I am really enjoying this new trend of friggin amazing chefs opening their amazing little restaurants in Parkdale. First of all, it's just fun to see these gorgeous spots gently gentrifying this area, but in a cool way, not in a Starbucks way. Plus I love the proximity of all this culinary fabulousness to my hood. Keriwa Cafe is as good as everyone says. I love a good cocktail and the bacon-washed old fashioneds were tumblers straight from heaven after a very stressful week. I ❤ Parkdale! Rosie :)


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