Toronto Gift Ideas

Openish... Some Shops Reopen for Curbside Pickup in Toronto

On Monday, shops that have a street entrance were allowed to open up again in Toronto. Coco, a wonderful chocolate shop on Jane, south of Annette, has just been offering delivery, but has now declared itself "openish."


Like it says on their website... "Chocolate is not a necessity of life, but it sure does make things a little better." If you are wondering what businesses are open(ish) in Toronto and what remains closed, click here for an updated list. Rosie :)


Made in Canada Beanbag Chairs

I love sharing products with you that are not only gorgeous and high-quality but 100% Canadian, so I had to tell you about these amazing beanbags chairs. I know, when you think "beanbag chair" you don't exactly think chic decor. They sort of invoke images of dorm rooms and unshowered teenagers lying around playing video games. Not so the fabulous squishy bags from I was searching for my son's playroom, because our current ones purchased at the now defunct Target do not have removable covers you can throw in the wash. There is enough unidentifiable food particles hardened on them that they needed to go. A good pile of beanbags chairs are perfect for my little guy and his cousins who enjoy flinging themselves everywhere and expect you to stop and drop at any moment for a big snuggle. The chairs from this Montreal-based company are stylish, high quality and have 100% cotton covers that can be zipped off and machine-washed. I ordered this denim one and having spent a sizable amount of hours in beanbag seats, I can safely say it is the perfect beanbag chair.

Blue bean bag chair

Koya Edibles: Fruit Bouquets in Toronto

Have you ever received an edible fruit bouquet? It is such a lovely gift idea. We all enjoy eating perfect juicy delicious fruit, but no one wants to chop it up. And no one wants to arrange it in a stunning basket that is delightful to look at. This is why it is the perfect gift. A change from flowers, but just as bright and colourful.

Koya Edibles is a local Toronto company that creates personalized fruit gifts for any occasion. Baskets and bouquets start from $30.00 and can be customized for any occasion:


Rotorua bouquet.jpg

Not only are these bouquets gorgeous to look at, they are healthy and so delicious. An amazing gift or dessert centerpiece for your next party. For the full range of products visit the Koya Edibles website. Mention you read about this company on My Toronto Scoop and receive 10% off your order. Rosie :)

Lampada on Etsy

The floor lamp in our living room finally disintegrated after almost a decade of literally lighting up our lives. I wanted to replace it with something cool, so I went to my online shopping happy place, Etsy. And that's where I found Vilma of Lampada, who made me this out of recycled coffee filters.


Vilma is a former journalist who lives in New York City. She handcrafts each lamp from scratch, and each one is unique and absolutely stunning. The way the light is reflected by each hand-painted square of coffee filter is amazing. I love how all the colours light up when you turn it on, and I love how it is one-of-a-kind. Thanks Vilma! Rosie :)

Sweet Olenka's | South Etobicoke

Every so often, I require an amazing chocolate brownie. I have been hearing about the salted caramel brownies at Sweet Olenka's, a European-style artisan chocolate shop on the Lakeshore just west of Mimico. I went to this place, and found the perfect brownie.

Sweet Olenka's Salted Caramel Brownie

The salted caramel brownie was my favourite, but the double-chocolate brownie, chocolate coconut cluster and other chocolate treats that found their way into my pastry box were also fantastic. So moist and rich, but not too cloyingly sweet.

Sweet Olenka's brownies & clusters

Owner Olenka uses the highest quality all-natural ingredients to bake her brownies, truffles, chocolate bars and other goodies. She bakes several times a day and everything is so fresh. You can taste how pure everything is. There is also ice cream available, with a fun selection of sugar cones.

sugar cones

If you want to treat a chocolate-lover with something really special, drive to Sweet Olenka's in south Etobicoke and buy what is pictured below. Rosie :)


The Legwarmers | Books for Kids

I recently bought my little man an adorable new storybook at a book launch at Chapters. It's called The Legwarmers in Plies and Pleases.

Legwarmers 022 (2).jpg

rsz_legwarmers_020_2 (2).jpg

It's published by Two Sisters Press, and the two sisters happen to be Christine and Lisa Brkich, dear friends of mine. They have been working on The Legwarmers for a very long time (it's based on their live dance production by the same name, which they co-wrote and choreographed) and to see this labour of love now a beautifully published book is pretty amazing. They are dance teachers and choreographers who are passionate about teaching dance to kids. No one know how to light up a room like they do. Or, the front entrance of a Chapters at their recent book launch.

rsz_legwarmers_048_2 (2).jpg

rsz_legwarmers_003_2 (2).jpg

If you would like to purchase an autographed copy of The Legwarmers, get over to Pick of the Crop Toys and Books in Oakville this Saturday December 8th at noon where the girls will be plie-ing around the store. And if you would like to order a book online, visit The Legwarmers official website. Rosie :)