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On Location | That Man From Philadelphia

It's been so much fun working with this incredibly talented team of filmmakers for this comedy, which we've shot in a few locations around Toronto and Hamilton. You can't see it in this shot, but Director of Photography Rock's drone is capturing the aerial view of me ticketing this unsuspecting car... and apparently ticketing it so convincingly that someone thought I was really a police officer. Can't wait for this to come out, check out the movie poster below. Rosie :)



Ontario Chiropractic Association Video Shoot

No teleprompter, no problem! I love industrial shoots because you are immersed briefly into an industry entirely different than your own, and they give you the opportunity to meet incredibly talented and passionate people. I had so much fun on this shoot for the Ontario Chiropractic Association... a kind, wonderful team so dedicated to helping others!



OCA Aspire from Ontario Chiropractic Association on Vimeo.