Toronto Fast Food

Mr. Sub at Markham & McNicoll

There is a Mr. Sub just down the road from the radio station I work at. We eat there a lot. Initially it was because of the proximity. But now it's because the owners Sam and Anna run their sandwich shop with such love for their customers. They remember your name and they remember your order. The place is full of regulars every day. AND of course, the subs are awesome. So fresh and delicious.


Last week our neighbourhood Mr. Sub (on Markham at McNicoll) celebrated their 10th anniversary and there was no way we were missing the party. Sam and Anna had a two-day bash with music, prizes and tons of specials. We broadcasted the first hour of our show right from the front of the store. It was so much fun.






We feel like we are part of the family. Happy Anniversary guys! Rosie :)


CNE 2013: Mac & Cheesery at the Food Building

Sadly deprived of the cronut burger due to some pesky bacterial toxins, we had to find something equally decadent for our CNE 2013 meal. No problem; Mac & Cheesery would do just fine. I could eat macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches every single day. But I never do, so a double bacon grilled cheese sandwich, classic baked mac and cheese and deep fried mac and cheese curds was obviously an awesome dinner.



cheese curds.jpg


There is clearly nothing more to say here. The Canadian National Exhibition is on until September 2nd, 2013 and if you go after 5pm from Monday to Thursday, admission is only $5. Rosie :)

McLobster in Toronto

The first trip my husband and I ever took together was to Halifax and Cape Breton Island. It was so incredible, and the food was outstanding. We still talk about two things: our amazing meal at the Press Gang, and the lobster sandwiches we would eat everywhere. You could get gorgeous looking ones at the Halifax Seaport Market, or simple ones on Wonderbread at the side of the road in Cape Breton. We also thought it was hilarious you could get them at McDonald's, which we did, and they were pretty good. We forgot about them until recently when we saw that the McLobster was making its debut in Ontario. Of course we had to pick some up. Here it is, looking about as good as anything mixed with mayonnaise can look in a bun. It's $6.79 plus tax. They are pretty tasty and brought back some lovely memories. Rosie :)


CNE 2012: Bacon Nation at the Food Building

We covered a lot of ground this year at the Ex but our first stop was the Food Building. And our first stop inside the Food Building was Bacon Nation. It's new. Everybody's talking about it. One could say the menu is trying to kill you. I say it's just giving people what they want, like bacon-wrapped deep-fried Mars Bars, Nutella bacon sandwiches and bacon funnel cakes.

Bacon Nation Menu.jpg

I had to try the deep-fried hotdog wrapped in BACON! I love how it's sprinkled with bacon bits, in case you didn't get the theme. Bacon. Goes. On. EVERYTHING.

Bacon Nation Deep-Fried Hot Dog.jpg

Here are the baconators in action. Love the industrial size tubs of Nutella.

Bacon Nation: CNE 2012.jpg

The Food Building is open every day from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, which runs until September 3rd. Rosie :)