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Craig's Cookies | Parkdale

I drive along Queen St. West all the time and love seeing all the new shops and eateries that open up, especially in the Parkdale area. I nearly drove off the road when I noticed Craig's Cookies has opened on the south side of Queen (east of Triller Ave, west of Wilson Park Road.)


Baker Craig Pike bakes the yummiest selection of cookies using a recipe his mom taught him when he was young. These cookies are incredible. My favourite is the peppermint patty (bottom left) and the one with a huge spoonful of peanut butter it in.

Image-1 (1).jpg

I work evenings so was very happy to find out Craig's Cookies is open until 10pm every night. I popped in on Pride weekend and picked up a Pride cookie... so delicious. My new cookie happy place! Rosie :)


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Free Waffles at Cacao 70 in Richmond Hill

Calling all chocoholics! There is a brand new location of chocolate paradise Cacao 70 opening in Richmond Hill this Saturday March 3rd... and they are giving away free waffles to celebrate their grand opening from 10AM - 5PM! Also, if you buy something on March 3rd, half the money will be donated to Yellow Brick Road, a charity that supports abused women and children. Cacao 70 is so delicious... they are known for their absolutely decadent drinking chocolate... a must try for chocolate lovers! Rosie :)


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Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Angel Cafe | Downtown Toronto

One of the perks of an early morning doctor appointment in the area is being first in line at Uncle Tetsu's... actually if you get to the Dundas St. location of the Angel Cafe right when it opens, there is no line-up at all. Hand-made from the highest quality eggs, milk, cheese and butter, the Uncle Tetsu creamy smooth cheesecake is one-of-a-kind. So perfect, light, fluffy and delicious.


This location offers a dine-in experience with Japanese pop culture inspired decor and dance performances by servers dressed in the style of the Japanese maid cafes. The line-ups are so bananas at Uncle Tetsu's bakeries because they can only produce a certain number of cakes per hour. So that means a limit of only one cake per person... make it last! Rosie :)


Uncle Tetsu's Angel Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Ice Cream Junction: NOW Scoops 'n More | South Etobicoke

You can still get delicious Kawartha Dairy ice cream in south Etobicoke. Ice Cream Junction is now Scoops 'n More. This spot is popular for serving up delicious premium ice cream at reasonable prices. Kids love all the fun toppings and the impressive candy selection is always a hit. Now we just need warm weather; that's when I start to crave ice cream! Peanut butter chocolate forever! Rosie :)


Scoops n' More Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Tom's Dairy Freeze | Etobicoke

Summer hasn't officially started without a visit to Tom's. Little man loves the classic vanilla swirl. Worth the wait! Rosie :)

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San Remo Bakery | Mimico

When I want to bring a spectacular dessert to a dinner party, I head to a very special Italian bakery in south Etobicoke. San Remo is one of my favourite bakeries and cafes in the city. The pastries are beautiful, fresh and delicious. Their macarons rival some of the best pastry shops in the city including Nadege, and I love Nadege. It is crazy busy and you will understand why after you eat something at San Remo. It is the real deal.


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Glory Hole Doughnuts

This awesomely named Parkdale bakery makes gorgeous artisan doughnuts. They are made by hand using natural ingredients every morning. The flavours are so much fun, from S'Mores to Lemon Bomb to Toast & Butter, which is my fave.



Cafe Con Leche Espresso Bar

I am a coffee fiend and eat Nutella straight out of the jar, so when I heard there is an espresso bar in the Junction that makes a Nutella latte I couldn't get there fast enough. I like how the main ingredient of Cafe Con Leche's signature drink also doubles as decor.


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Sweet Olenka's

Every so often, I require an amazing chocolate brownie. I have been hearing about the salted caramel brownies at Sweet Olenka's, a European-style artisan chocolate shop on the Lakeshore just west of Mimico. I went to this place, and found the perfect brownie.

Sweet Olenka's Salted Caramel Brownie

The salted caramel brownie was my favourite, but the double-chocolate brownie, chocolate coconut cluster and other chocolate treats that found their way into my pastry box were also fantastic. So moist and rich, but not too cloyingly sweet.

Sweet Olenka's brownies & clusters

Owner Olenka uses the highest quality all-natural ingredients to bake her brownies, truffles, chocolate bars and other goodies. She bakes several times a day and everything is so fresh. You can taste how pure everything is. There is also ice cream available, with a fun selection of sugar cones.

sugar cones

If you want to treat a chocolate-lover with something really special, drive to Sweet Olenka's in south Etobicoke and buy what is pictured below. Rosie :)


Sweet Olenka's on Urbanspoon


Dimpflmeier Bakery

There is an amazing bakery in Etobicoke that is busy ALL the time for very good reason. Dimpflmeier's uses only natural spring water in all the stuff they make, and you can absolutely taste the difference. Their bread, pies, cakes and quiches are so fresh and pure tasting, and very affordable. This entire quiche is less than ten dollars.


Extra gluten please!



The breads are the show-stoppers but the desserts are amazing value too. Dimpflmeier's prepares all sorts of fresh fabulous treats that would cost you way more other places.


The coffee and cappucinos are excellent as well and there is a cafe area to sit and enjoy. Rosie :)


Dimpflmeier Bakery on Urbanspoon


My First Dairy Queen Blizzard

I have never had a Dairy Queen Blizzard. I am not a huge ice cream fan except for Baskin Robbins and Ice Cream Junction's peanut butter chocolate. My husband was quite surprised I had never had a Blizzard and explained to me that they are quite delicious, a chocolate bar all whipped into ice cream. He was quite a fan as a child. Since yesterday was Miracle Treat Day and $1 from every Blizzard was donated to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, it was time to buy a Blizzard. I went for the S'mores flavour, although was tempted by the Mint Oreo. So yes, chunks of chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers all mixed into my ice cream:


It was awesome. So was my local Dairy Queen, crammed with adorable little kids getting treats post softball and soccer games. It was bananas in there! Rosie :)

Dairy Queen Brazier on Urbanspoon



If you have a thing for buttertarts, I insist you get yourself over to Tartistry on The Queensway. Their buttertarts are the best I've tasted in a really long time. I am going to go so far as to say they are the best buttertarts in Toronto.

Tartistry 001 (2).jpg

The plain buttertart is pretty much buttertart perfection. I went in for plain, but couldn't resist the chocolate peanut butter, and S'mores, and lemon curd. There are also maple walnut and pecan tarts that look amazing.

Tartistry 004 (2).jpg

Did I mention Roasted Almond and White Chocolate is also an option?

Tartistry 003 (2).jpg

I brought one home. Actually I brought six home.

Tartistry 010 (2).jpg

Tartistry is located at 1252 The Queensway just east of Kipling. If you buy six half-dozen tarts, you get the seventh free. I got mine to go, but it is also a really lovely place to sit down and have a coffee. Rosie :)


A Wedding Cake by a Master Baker

Two of my favourite people in the world got married on New Year's Eve. They had a beautiful ceremony followed by a happy raucous party. Leanne of Masterbaker (I know, awesome name) baked them the most incredible wedding cake from scratch. Here is the groom, Jeff, the bride, Jen, and their son Liam, and the cake before it was attacked.

rsz_jenjeffliam (2).jpg

Leanne is an amazing baker who puts a lot of love, and time, and painstaking effort into her creations. She used a limited edition Kahlua to flavour the ganache for this cake, which was chocolate on the inside. Check out some of her other creations at the Masterbaker Facebook page. Scroll down to the Barbie cake she made for her niece. You will never want to buy a birthday cake from Costco again. Rosie :)

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Kathleen's Closet: Wardrobe Services in Toronto

Someone recently told me that women only wear 20 percent of their clothes and shoes. This seems entirely plausible to me. Recently I purged my closet- really cleared it out. I had so much stuff I couldn't see what I had anymore if that makes sense (my friends tell me it does.) I had no problem getting rid of about half my wardrobe. I am only sentimental about a few pieces and I was relieved to clear out most of it. But I have many friends who struggle with getting rid of clothes. One dear friend recently confided that she has 50 pairs of black pants. Two pairs fit. This is not good. This is heading into hoarder territory. She needs Kathleen.


Kathleen's Closet provides personal shopping, style advice and wardrobe consulting that is affordable. Basically Kathleen will sort you out if your closet is overloaded with stuff you never wear and you are struggling with what to keep and what to get rid of. Not only will Kathleen organize your closet into a happy place with lots of well coordinated, properly fitting stylish outfits, she can also help you pass your unwanted clothes to Toronto women's shelters. I recently met Kathleen at an event and she is awesome. I like that her mission is to help women build their confidence and empower them by using fashion. Women are amazing and excellent clothes just make us even better. Kathleen's Closet is located in Liberty Village, as is The Golden Apple Confectionery, a sweets and chocolate shop that made Kathleen this stunning chocolate shoe.


How gorgeous is that? I would both happily wear and eat it. Rosie :)

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Le Dolci on Dundas St. West

If you have ever wanted to learn how to make those gorgeous Parisian macarons or how to really decorate a cupcake, look no further than Le Dolci. This wonderful bake shop and education studio offers amazing workshops that teach you how to make treats like cake pops, truffles, little fondant cakes, and more. Just look at these cupcakes.

Le Dolci Cupcakes.jpg

Yes, that is an London Olympics and TIFF cupcake you see. And some designer purses. I know, they are just stunning. Le Dolci is offering 15% off all their classes if you book before the end of August, so right now is a great time to check out their class schedule. I would love to do Perfect Pies with the Parkdale Princess. My pies suck. There is also Designer Cupcakes for Toronto Fashion Week and Mommy/Daddy & Me cupcake decorating classes. Le Dolci hosts birthday parties and bridal showers as well, and sells a delectable selection of treats including Augie's Gourmet Ice Pops.

Le Dolci Menu.jpg

I picked up some pops when I popped in, and we had popsicle headache we ate them so fast. They are made with all-natural ingredients and are so flavourful. The Ontario peach pop is new. There is also a Vietnamese coffee flavour available. I loved the basil in the strawberry-basil-lemonade pop.

 Augie's Gourmet Ice Pops.jpg

Love these in the hot weather. You can't get Augie's ice pops everywhere but they are available at lovely Le Dolci. Rosie :)

Le Dolci on Urbanspoon

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Leah's on St. Clair

Leah's is a sweet little bakery at the corner of St. Clair and Wychwood. The Americanos are great and they have really fun freshly baked treats. I like the "kitchen sink" cookie, because I'm ten.


Next time I'm getting a chocolate sandwich cookie. Or a chocolate caramel skor pretzel. Leah's is located at 621 St. Clair Avenue (corner of St. Clair and Wychwood.) Rosie :)

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Nadège Patisserie on Queen West

Erin and I needed a gorgeous snack to take with us to Trinity Bellwoods park the other night. How convenient for us that Nadège is just steps away. If you are going to indulge in just a bite of something sinful, then it should be a bite from this beautiful bakery.


The macarons just make you feel happy. Look at them, all lined up like perfect little colourful bites of egg white and icing sugar:


This place just kills me with its gorgeousness. Handmade flavoured marshmallows, monogrammed chocolate bars... Nadège is a little blast of France right on Queen West.


Nadège Patisserie is located on Queen St. West right beside Trinity Bellwoods Park. There is also one in Rosedale, at 1099 Yonge St. Rosie :)

Nadege Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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Bake Sale Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a total symbol of indulgence. They may as well be cocaine for good girls. When we want extreme gratification, what's more satisfying than a really high quality cupcake? Sensational cupcakes are grossly overpriced but so worth it for the stunning high. Remember Hannah in the legendary "All Adventurous Women Do" episode of Girls? Plagued with an STD and unemployment, Hannah buys four cupcakes and confesses to Shoshannah that she ate one in the bathroom. She didn't buy butter tarts, or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. She bought cupcakes. I have a few cupcake dealers I get my goods from, but my very favourite is Bake Sale. Their cupcakes are to die for. There are two locations in Etobicoke (one in the Kingsway and one in Six Points Plaza) that will hook you up. Rosie :)

rsz_partylikearockstar (2).jpg

Bake Sale Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Eat My Words

Once for my birthday, two former colleagues (and two of the sweetest ladies I know) surprised me with one of the most visually stunning gifts I've ever received. They placed a turquoise hat box on my desk tied up with a pretty brown ribbon. I had no idea what it was and when I opened it, I actually gasped, like people do on TV. Not just because I was relieved it wasn't a hat (they just don't work with my hair) but inside the box were the most beautiful cupcakes I'd ever seen. They were from Eat My Words. It is no secret how much I love a good cupcake, and these were like little works of art, topped with butterflies and flowers. You could barely bring yourself to eat them, but when I did, they were light and sweet and airy, just like perfect cupcakes should be. When the girls told me that sweets from Eat My Words support the Stephen Lewis Foundation it made me love the gift about a million times more. Rosie :)


The Cupcake Outlet: NOW CLOSED

I was back at the Cupcake Outlet on the weekend and as usual Mary met me with a big smile. Walking into this colourful little shop just makes me feel happy, with it's pretty stripey walls and delicious smell of insane amounts of sugar. Soon they will have ice cream, and more savoury cupcake flavours, which are my favourite. My weekend cupcakes were chocolate monkey (filled with banana) Dalmatian, lemon meringue, red velvet and Oreo. Mary didn't have my favourites on hand, chocolate mint and maple bacon. Next time! Rosie :)


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Cakesterpiece Custom Cakes

My little guy loves that crazy and strangely articulate blue monster Grover. I myself am a big fan of his wubba, wubba, wubba song. We both enjoy his dry sense of humour; it reminds us of Dada. For one of his many birthday parties my dad insisted he have a Grover cake. Of course my dad just makes these decrees and delegates them to my awesome aunt, who wasn't about to phone in any old Grover cake. She found the most incredible baker at Cakesterpiece who made a stunning replica of sweet Grover in cake form. I don't know how she managed to create icing fur in the perfect shade of Grover blue, but she did. Grover was delicious. Lucky boy! Rosie :)

grover cake.jpg

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