Toronto All-Day Breakfast

Egglicious Cafe

With omelettes that look like this, it is fair to say that this restaurant is aptly named:


As delicious as that Canadian Omelette special was, I wanted to try this restaurant because I heard the corned beef sandwiches were amazing. I love corned beef sandwiches, and this one lived up to the hype. Moist and flavourful, with perfectly buttered rye bread:


I know it is dwarfed by the giant salad but it was really filling. A great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Rosie :)

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Jodie's Restaurant

There are some mornings when you need someone else to make you coffee and eggs. On those mornings, we go to Jodie's Restaurant, where a lovely person will park these in front of us very quickly.


Jodie's "Light Breakfast" is my favourite. Eggs and tomato with toast for $3.95 (that includes coffee before 11am.) I love that they have rye toast, which is the only toast I really like.


The "Rise & Shine" includes meat and hash browns for $4.95. You can swap out the potato for salad or tomato if that's how you are feeling.


There are no hipsters or trendy cocktails to be found here, just hungry people getting their breakfast/brunch on. It's perfect for non-morning-people like me! Rosie :)

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