Toronto Public Art

Toronto Light Fest | Distillery District

This is the second year that the Toronto Light Fest has lit up the Distillery District and it is spectacular. From a piano that plays light to a fire-breathing dragon to a pyramid made of thousands of gummy bears, this is a stunning display of light, art and creativity in one of my favourite parts of the city. And there is no charge- it's completely free. The Toronto Light Fest is on until March 4th, sundown to 9pm Sunday to Wednesday and sundown to 10pm Thursday to Saturday. Make sure you look for the bat signal. Rosie :)






Balance Sculpture in Liberty Village

The only thing better than public art is public art that incorporates lots and lots of splashing water. We came across this lovely sculpture in Liberty Village and my little man thought it was pretty cool.


Designed by Rob Robinson, it's called "Balance" and pays tribute to the area's industrial history:


It's right across the street from the Starbucks on Hanna Avenue. Rosie :)


The Old Swimming Hole | Murals in the Village of Islington

The murals in the Vilage of Islington are amazing. I love The Old Swimming Hole, which is located right by my favourite lunch spot Chodang Soon.

Islington Village Mural

Islington Village Mural_2

All the murals in this area are really something special, and you should check them out. Two new ones are being unveiled tomorrow: 'Faces of Islington' and 'Everyone. Everywhere' which is a mural based on Article 6 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. After the ribbon cutting, there is a reception at Arts Etobicoke, located at 4909 Dundas West. Click here for details. Rosie :)

Boris Achour's The rose is without why

The other work of art I loved from Nuit Blanche 2013 is right across from Ai Weiwei's Forever Bicycles. French artist Boris Achour's The rose is without why makes Nathan Phillips Square glow with light. The work consists of a short poem by 17th-century poet Angelus Silesius written with fluorescent lights. It spans more than 300 feet.


"The rose is without why, it blooms because it blooms, it cares not for itself, asks not if it is seen." You can still see it for yourself until October 27th at Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West at Bay. Rosie :)



 Angelus Silesius