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Made in Canada Beanbag Chairs

I love sharing products with you that are not only gorgeous and high-quality but 100% Canadian, so I had to tell you about these amazing beanbags chairs. I know, when you think "beanbag chair" you don't exactly think chic decor. They sort of invoke images of dorm rooms and unshowered teenagers lying around playing video games. Not so the fabulous squishy bags from I was searching for my son's playroom, because our current ones purchased at the now defunct Target do not have removable covers you can throw in the wash. There is enough unidentifiable food particles hardened on them that they needed to go. A good pile of beanbags chairs are perfect for my little guy and his cousins who enjoy flinging themselves everywhere and expect you to stop and drop at any moment for a big snuggle. The chairs from this Montreal-based company are stylish, high quality and have 100% cotton covers that can be zipped off and machine-washed. I ordered this denim one and having spent a sizable amount of hours in beanbag seats, I can safely say it is the perfect beanbag chair.

Blue bean bag chair

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Embella Party Supplies and Giftware- NOW CLOSED

My little man loves balloons, so every year for his birthday we make sure to have a big batch of colourful ones. This year I picked them up from a great shop in my neighbourhood: Embella Party Supplies and Giftware. Not only do they have an excellent balloon selection and helium services, but they have a wonderful selection of gifts particularly if you have little girls to buy for. These tulle skirts and dresses are adorable:




I love a good hair accessory. All the hairbands and bows will make your eyes pop:



Most of the pieces are one-of-a-kind, and made by local artisans. These little crocheted shawls and dresses are beautiful.


There is also a lovely selection of jewelry for mummies, as well as a party room, loot bag service and sewing classes. Embella Party Supplies and Giftware is located at 647 The Queensway in Etobicoke. Rosie :)

embella9 (2).jpg

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Big Grips for iPad Now Ships To Canada

ipad.jpgWe are big, big fans of the iPad in my house. Our toddler particularly has many apps he quite enjoys including The Monster at the End of this Book starring Grover and Hero of the Rails starring that really useful engine Thomas. You may ask, how do you let your small child use an iPad so freely, particularly on the ceramic-tiled kitchen floor or at the top of the stairs? The answer is the Big Grips. This protective case is a simple piece of thick rubber that encases the iPad so securely that if it takes a tumble down the stairs, it is completely okay. They are very light, easy to clean and even doubles as a teether (although I suspect the Big Grips designers don't encourage that.) These iPad cases for kids are amazing but the challenge up until recently for Canadians is that Big Grips didn't deliver to Canada. That has changed. Now you can order all the models of Big Grips (including the new slim model that fits in a charging cart) from Canadian supplier Planet Micro. They ship very quickly at a cost of $12-$15 for a single box in Ontario. Rosie :)

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Organic Baby Food & More at

Recently my eco-savvy-shopper sis-in-law Amanda told me about Based in Guelph, this online store sells an amazing selection of green and natural products at reasonable prices and will ship them right to your door. I was excited to see they carry the brand of Nature's Harmony melatonin we use, as well as some excellent organic toddler foods. They have weekly sales and one different item specially discounted every day. Check it out, it's an excellent site with top quality stuff, and best of all it's Canadian. Rosie :) - Canada's online drugstore

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Buying Reusable Swim Diapers Online

I took my little man swimming fairly early, at six months. I had a feeling he was going to love the water like I do, and he so does. At first I bought the disposable swim diapers but was turned on to the reusable Mother-ease brand after visiting one of my favourite baby stores, Diaper-eez in Bloor West Village. Diaper-eez is known for a quality selection of baby products and particularly their cloth diaper systems. Swimming lessons are starting up again and I wanted to buy him another pair, but they were out of stock in his size. They recommended I visit Gabby's online store. They have such a great variety of reusable swim diapers and pool pants, and they are so cute. Look at these turtle ones I got him.

rsz_poolpantprint (2).jpg

What I like about Gabby's swim diapers over the Mother-ease ones is that they have hook and loop closures which gives you some flexibility as your little one grows. Gabby's is online only at They have been making this stuff since 1990. Rosie :)


Winter Bunny Hats: Save An Extra $3 With Promo Code 2013

Deal EndedNow this is a Canadian winter! There are proper snow banks outside for climbing and making snowballs, and putting snowpants and winter boots to the test. Last year I barely got out the hats and gloves, this year, they are all over the place. If you need a new super-cute hat for your little one, Parents Canada has really adorable winter bunny ones for only $15, and that includes shipping and taxes. There is also an end-of-year promo running right now: use promo code "2013" when you check out and save an extra $3 off any purchase. Rosie :)


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Knot Genie Detangling Hair Brush

Deal EndedI'm always intrigued by products that swear they will get knots and tangles out of the curliest most tangled heads of hair. My mum would have loved one of these when I was a little girl, because combing out my hair every night was a painful process for all involved. (Remember that No More Tangle spray? Doesn't work. We went through bottles of it.) It is testament to how much she loves me that I wasn't sporting a buzz cut for most of my childhood. Instead I had two tight braids most of the time, and she had to endure my whining and complaining to make those happen. Apparently the Knot Genie detangling hair brush works like magic, effortlessly gliding through the toughest knots. Parents Canada has a deal right now where you can get one for $16, tax and shipping included. If I had a little girl, and if her hair was anything like mine, I'd be all over this brush. But since I have a boy... he has a closely cropped head of curls, and I have no stress. Rosie :)

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Babies Are Wiggly!

Deal EndedI just came back from visiting a friend with a 2-month-old and it never fails to amaze me how fast babies go from being wiggly jiggly little things to strong strappy toddlers. Holding her sweet little girl with her wobbly little head, I could barely believe that it was less than two years ago that my little man was so teeny. All my friends who car-nap their babies agree that sleep positioners are very helpful in getting them- and keeping them- to sleep in the car. I wouldn't use a sleep positioner in a crib, but in a car seat or a stroller, bring it on. Right now you can get the Peace of Mind Baby Snuggin Go Infant Positioner for only $32 No slumping = good sleeping! Rosie :) SNUGGIN_INFDKPINK__28536_zoom.jpg
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'Made in Canada' Baby Onesies

Deal EndedCanada Day is fast approaching and if you have a little one you would like to spoil, here is an adorable gift idea. Pico Charlie Cole makes really lovely baby stuff and you can get one of their "Made In Canada" baby onesies for only $12 right now. So sweet, and patriotic! Rosie :)

Made In Canada onesie.jpg


Peachy Buy

Deal EndedOne of my favourite deal sites is Peachy Buy. It has really great parent-friendly deals. I find out about a lot of neat local stores from Peachy Buy, like Firefly Kids Lighting. When I was searching for a cool ceiling lamp for my baby's nursery, something with a map or globe theme, I could not find anything within Canada. I ended up with something totally boring from Home Depot... then I find this lovely Canadian owned and operated lighting store from a Peachy Buy deal. The current Peachy offer is a good one, particularly for those of you seeking excellent nut-free treats: for just $25, you get a box of cupcakes, cookies and biscotti from Baked with Joy, a delicious nut-free bakery. I have heard their salted caramel cupcakes are divine. This deal is particularly convenient for those of you who live in the Thornhill area (it's pick-up only.) Rosie :)

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