Images From The City

Counting Down The Hours to Stage 2 in Toronto

Toronto is moving to Stage 2 tomorrow... indoor malls will be reopening, hair salons can start welcoming back their clients, and we can enjoy dinner and drinks on restaurant patios on these beautiful summer nights. On the eve of the city coming back to life, here are some pics taken throughout the pandemic... a time of uncertainty and struggle, of small business owners showing creativity in the face of extremely difficult times, and people coming together like never before. Rosie :)





Images From the City: Practice Physical Distancing

After a day where Toronto confirmed 457 cases of COVID-19, you would think everyone would be getting the importance of not gathering closely in groups, but it's not sinking in. Playgrounds across Toronto now have signs reminding everyone to keep their distance from each other, but people are still congregating and chatting at neighbourhood parks. It's really hard to be isolated, especially during such a scary time... but we have to do better. Stay home, stay apart... and with hope soon we can play and work safely again.


Playground-caution tape- COVID-warning.jpg

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