Toronto Sales and Deals

Shop the Neighbourhood

Saturday November 30th is Shop the Neighbourhood, a one-day event that is meant to get us out in our communities supporting small businesses. Many shops have special deals running, and if you follow @ShopTheHood_ca on Twitter there are contests and fun promotions like this one:

Even the CN Tower is getting in on the action- it's turning yellow in support of the event, which is sponsored by Yellow Pages:

Visit the Shop the Neighbourhood website to find out about the exclusive deals in your area. Rosie :)

Rescue Vintage Winter Sale

There is a huge sale at Rescue, one of my fave vintage stores in the city. Starting today, fall/winter pieces are marked down up to 70% off, and all clothing in the shop is at least 20% off.

Winter Sale Sign1.JPG

Rescue Vintage is located at 102 Ossington Avenue. It's within walking distance of some great restaurants such as Fishbar, The Saint and Hawker Bar. Rosie :)

Rescue Vintage Holiday Sale

There is a huge holiday sale going on right now at Rescue Vintage on Ossington. The entire store is buy one item, get one 50% off. Everything is included in this sale: new arrivals, vintage and already reduced items. Sale details are in the flyer below. If you still have some shopping left to do, why not do it at a gorgeous local boutique? Skip the mall, it's a horror show. Rosie :)

Holiday Sale (2).jpg

A Real, and Awesome, Toronto Sample Sale

When me and my very stylish friend Steph were in university, we used to eagerly await "the call." Yes, this was before e-mail if you can believe it... we were on a list for a clothing supplier's seasonal sample sale, and they would call us when it was time to sell off the samples. This was, and still is, a true sample sale- actual samples of super fashionable high end brands used to sell clothing lines to Toronto boutiques. Some of my very favourite pieces of clothing are from these sample sales... my DEX puffy gold coat, my VELVET pink dress... those are still around while others have long been worn out. These sales are only advertised by word of mouth, and there aren't any fancy fitting rooms, customer service or return/exchange policies. You get in, shop, and get out. You pay by cash or cheque. Don't be surprised if you see frenzied flashes of bums and boobies; these are serious shoppers. You try things on where you can. The sizes available are typical sample sizes (4-6) but quite often you'll see size 8s so it's worth it to check out even if you aren't model skinny.

There is a sample sale coming up and I want to share it with my readers; dates and location details are here:

slavin sample sale.png

When you get there, say Jodi sent you. And get yourself on Jodi's list so you get the call from now on! Rosie :)