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Butter Chicken Roti | West Queen West

This delicious roti restaurant is right on Queen West across from The Great Hall. The Butter Chicken Roti menu features classic Indian dishes with a contemporary take. The food is so tasty and the service is excellent. I like their spice scale:

Mild- Is water a spice?
Mild/Medium- I like it a little spicy
Medium- I never turn down the heat
Medium/Hot- Go Big, but not too big
Hot- Come at me, I got this
Extra Hot- What on earth is wrong with me?

Pictured below is my (mild/medium) butter chicken roti to go. One of my faves. Rosie :)


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Supermarket | Kensington Market

Countdown to spring... and shrimp tacos and Pimms on the patio at Supermarket. Hang in there... soon this winter will be a distant memory. Rosie :)



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Huevos Gourmet | South Etobicoke

Having lots of tasty reliable breakfast spots in the neighbourhood is always a bonus, but having one that serves up a plate of delicious huevos rancheros is the best ever. Huevos Gourmet on the Lakeshore serves authentic Mexican and all-day breakfast so you can get your fix of huevos allllll day long just like this:


I'm obsessed with my morning coffee and I love how there is a choice of a medium or dark roasted brew. The entire menu is delicious whether you are wanting brunch or lunch. On the Lakeshore just west of Islington, with plenty of paid parking spots nearby. Rosie :)

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La Cubana | Ossington

The food in Cuba is wonderful. On our trips to Havana we ate some really delicious stuff, drank some perfect cocktails and woke up every morning to the best coffee outside of Rome. I didn't think I would taste mojitos or medianoches like I had in Havana right here in Toronto. From the authentic pressed cubano sandwiches to the juicy guava bbq beef short ribs, La Cubana recreates delicious Cuban favourites in their two locations on Ossington and Roncesvalles. These pics are from a dinner at the Ossington location, but both spots are equally spot-on.

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Arvo Coffee | Distillery District

I love this beautiful little cafe in the Distillery District, which offers a coffee selection just as good as Balzac's. You can also pick up a yummy snack like this one from their toast bar. This perfectly toasted piece of bread is slathered with butter and honey:


The cafe's owners were inspired by time spent in Australia and Arvo features a pour-over bar, a standard in most Aussie cafes. "Arvo" is an Aussie slang term for afternoon. "Meet me for a coffee this arvo mate?" OK! Rosie :)

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'ONO Poké Bar | Liberty Village

Poké bowls are such a great meal; fresh, healthy and full of flavour. 'Ono Poké Bar in Liberty Village offers a lovely selection of bowls including spicy mango salmon, ahi honey tuna and the torched ahi tuna, which is pictured here:


This bowl is filled with avocado, carrot, edamame, green onion, pear, red cabbage tenkasu, fried onion, furikake and topped with the most delicious torched ahi tuna covered in sriracha aioli. You can choose from a poké bowl or sushi burrito base. This bowl was $15. You can use the Ritual app to order, which I lovvvvvve! Rosie :)

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Joey Sherway Gardens | Etobicoke

SO GOOD! Loved everything about Joey, from the airy contemporary decor to the delicious and varied menu. This ahi tuna salad was perfect, light and refreshing.

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The Keg | Sherway Gardens | Etobicoke

The renovated section of Sherway Gardens is gorgeous and the new Keg is just as pretty to match. The food is great and the atmosphere is luxe, contemporary and very inviting. Perfect for me and my bestie's annual Christmas lunch. The tuna tartare and avocado starter is delicious and so easy to eat with these crispy tasty chips.

IMG_8778.JPG IMG_8783.JPG
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Eden Trattoria | Etobicoke

One of my favourite places to eat in the summertime is Eden. The patio is right across from the Humber Bay shores which has a beautiful view of the Toronto skyline. First though, coffee.

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Il Paesano | Etobicoke

Il Paesano is a pizza place on Brown's Line in south Etobicoke. It's one of those neighbourhood restaurants that has been around forever and you are so glad to know about it because it is so authentic and delicious. The pizza is fantastic, and comes to your door in under half an hour with no delivery charge.


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Caplansky's Deli | College Street

So glad the deli king is back in business! Zane Caplansky made news in June when he had to get an injunction against his landlord for terminating the restaurant's lease because of failure "to effect repairs not authorized by the landlord." Caplansky said it was completely out of order, fought it, and now he's back making the best deli food in the city. And it's a good thing because Toronto was freaking out. The 6ix needs their smoked meat fix... where is Beyonce supposed to nosh when she's in town? This is the OG location of Caplansky's and the food is great whether you dine in or take it to go, which we did. My little man's favourite are the perfectly fried potato latkes, which did not make it home.

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Chaban | Etobicoke

Welcome to Chaban, a Korean restaurant in south Etobicoke. It's cheerful, casual, and crazy fresh. The bibimbap, which is a signature Korean dish that literally means "mixed rice", is delicious. The chili paste is served on the side.


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Firkin On The Bay | Humber Bay Shores

For the longest time the only place to eat on a patio on the Humber Bay Shores was at Eden. It's really good but it's nice to have some other options. Firkin on the Bay is a welcome addition to this pretty area. Even if you sit inside, the huge floor-to-ceiling windows give a great view of Lake Ontario and the downtown Toronto skyline. The interior is inspired by a London tube station and is really fun and funky, with huge industrial open ceilings and giant bright canvases.


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Extreme Pita | Vellore Village | Vaughan

March Break is wrapping up and after a week of hitting a lot of drive-thrus, we decided we needed a quick and healthy early dinner to fuel our busy Saturday of errands. I really could not look at one more nugget. It's Nutrition Month and I wanted some vegetables. The Extreme Pita in the Vellore Village shopping centre has the new Extreme Entrees which are more filling than a pita, super-nutritious and so, so tasty. Here's the Chimichurri Beef entree.

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West City Snack Bar in Etobicoke: NOW CLOSED

I love telling you about great new places to eat on the west side of Toronto. Sometimes they pop up without much fanfare and you don't even realize there is a new restaurant serving amazing Jack and Coke sliders on Horner Avenue. West City Snack Bar is a delicious new lunch spot in south Etobicoke with creative menu items that change up regularly.


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The Queen and Beaver Public House | Downtown

British comfort food is awesome... cobblers and flaky pies and rich meats and curries are delicious, especially when it's cold out. The Q&B on Elm Street is such a cozy, pretty place to dine and really takes these types of dishes to the next level. The lamb curry with rice and apple chutney is spicy and packed with flavour.


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Mr. Sub at Markham & McNicoll

There is a Mr. Sub just down the road from the radio station I work at. We eat there a lot. Initially it was because of the proximity. But now it's because the owners Sam and Anna run their sandwich shop with such love for their customers. They remember your name and they remember your order. The place is full of regulars every day. AND of course, the subs are awesome. So fresh and delicious.


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School Liberty Village

It's fun to go to school when you are a grown-up, especially when school is one of the best brunch spots in Toronto. I love French toast with lots of crispy bacon on top, and then pouring lots of maple syrup over the whole pile. When I heard the super cheesy bacon French toast at School Liberty Village was out of this world, I couldn't wait to try it. It was amazing. I loved the shot glass of maple syrup on the side.


The decor at School is great; there are apples on the tables and the patio looks like a hipster school yard.


Appalachia Smokehouse & BBQ

Do you love slow smoked BBQ all smothered with delicious sauce? Appalachia is the real deal. The brisket, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches are seasoned with a signature house rub and piled on fresh brioche buns.



Paramount Fine Foods in Yorkville

A favourite eatery of Toronto Maple Leaf Nazem Kadri, Paramount Fine Foods serves a selection of Middle Eastern favourites made in-house daily, with Ontario-raised hormone-free halal meat. The newly opened location in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood boasts a contemporary and very comfortable decor ideal for sit-down dinners or quick and casual lunches. The fresh baked pita is a must, arriving at your table directly from the wood-burning ovens piping hot and puffy:



Rawlicious Bloor West Village

We eat regularly at Fresh and Thrive Organic so I was excited to see a Rawlicious pop up nearby. Rawlicious differs from other vegan and organic eateries because it just offers raw food, which is food that has not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade (117 degrees Fahrenheit). So, all the menu items are foods in their natural state. Rawlicious is delicious. The taco wrap is great for lunch. It is a collard leaf stuffed with seasoned nut loaf, guacamole, romaine lettuce, salsa and almond nut cheese.


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McNie's Fish & Chips

We wanted to celebrate Robbie Burns Day with some haggis. This Scottish dish of sheep's heart, liver and lung is seasoned and mixed with suet and oatmeal then boiled in the sheep's stomach. At McNie's, they deep fry it. Not traditional, but way yummier.

rsz_haggis (2).jpg

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Hoai Huong Vietnamese Restaurant

This south Etobicoke Vietnamese restaurant offers simple and straightforward dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. I love how beautifully presented the plates are:



The Burger's Priest (South Etobicoke)

Until now the best non-processed high quality burgers in this area were available at Woody's. Now that the Burger's Priest has arrived, there are more options for burgers made with ultra premium beef. Here is the Priest, which is two patties with cheese and secret sauce:


Here is the Priest with the "Option" on top: two roasted portabello mushrooms, breaded and deep fried.


There are locations of The Burger's Priest all over Toronto and the GTA now. If you visit their website, you can access the Secret Menu if you answer a skill-testing question. Rosie :)

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Grand Electric

Best tacos in the city hands down. Yes, it's noisy and the wait for a table can be long. But it's worth it. Pictured below, Muskoka shrimp, pork belly, beef cheek, Baja fish and scrapple tacos.







Just order anything off the chalk board, it all tastes delicious. The Baja fish tacos will blow your mind, as will the tuna ceviche. Rosie

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Brunch at The Drake Hotel

Brunch at the Drake is awesome, especially if you eat outside on the patio on a sunny morning. The 'Southern Fried Chicken and Waffle' comes topped with Niagara cherry jam and crème fraîche. So good.


The "Lumberjack" is a plate piled with eggs, Perth bacon, apple and sage sausage, homefries, lots of marble rye and a huge pancake.


The Americanos are perfect.


We were too early to order real drinks but the options were great; mojitos, mimosas and three different types of Caesars... my favourite! Rosie :)

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Viking Fish and Chips

Every year on Good Friday, we go to Viking Fish and Chips on the Queensway. It's a neighbourhood gem.The halibut is so fresh and the batter is perfect; light and crispy.

rsz_viking1 (2).jpg

Wondering where to buy Irn Bru in Toronto? It's here:

rsz_irnbru (2).jpg

Viking Fish and Chips has been in business for over 50 years. It was starting to show it's age but has recently been renovated and now looks as great as the food tastes. Rosie :)

rsz_viking (2).jpg

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The Pie Commission: Butter Chicken Pie

The first time we visited The Pie Commission, we had Beef 'N Beer pies. I am planning to try all the flavours on the menu, and was especially looking forward to the Butter Chicken pie everyone is always raving about. Went back. Had it. Totally lived up to the hype. Love the caraway seeds on top:

rsz_butterchickenpie (2).jpg

There is a Lobster and Shrimp pie on the menu right now I'm excited to try, but it's always sold out. It smells SO GOOD in this little shop... I'm such a fan! Rosie :)

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Toji Sushi

There is a strip of restaurants along Dundas in Islington Village with some real treasures including Chodang Soon Tofu and Anatolia. Toji Sushi is nestled in this rapidly growing restaurant row and a great spot to try if you are looking for some of the best sushi in Etobicoke. I recommend the "Rose" roll (spicy tuna with shrimp tempura) and the Black Dragon (Dynamite roll with BBQ eel on top.)

rsz_toji_1 (2).jpg

rsz_toji2 (2).jpg

Fresh delicious fish, and the complimentary miso is some of the best I've ever had. Rosie :)

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Bua Thai on The Queensway

I love ordering Thai food from Bua Thai. Everything is always so fresh and flavourful. Here are our go-to dishes. First up: duck lettuce wraps.


The beef salad is one of my faves. It has a nice heat:


Pad thai with chicken and shrimp. I always look forward to these leftovers.


We rotate through the green and red and peanut curry... tonight was peanut's turn:


It's hard to try other Thai restaurants that deliver because Bua Thai is always so good. You can also eat-in (the restaurant is lovely) or take-out. Rosie :)

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Rocco's Plum Tomato II on The Queensway

There is a take-out location of Rocco's Plum Tomato right next door to the Rocco's restaurant on The Queensway. For many years now, this is the place we pick up dinner on a Friday night. This is hands down the best place in Toronto for a sandwich under $10. My favourite is the breaded veal, followed by the meatball.



The sandwiches are huge, freshly made, piled high with the best toppings and sauce, and consistently delicious.



The pizza is also excellent. You never know what slices will be ready when you get there... tonight there was a pretty good selection.


Keep in mind, while Rocco's is a chain, this particular Rocco's is a cut above. The sauce is authentic and when you order take-out here, everything is made fresh. Which means sometimes you have to wait a little, and it's always worth it. Rosie :)

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Kelsey's on The Queensway

I've haven't been to a Kelsey's in a very long time. At least a decade! But the one on the Queensway across from the Cineplex was recently renovated, and it looked so pretty with it's sparkly colourful lights we decided to check it out after seeing Anchorman 2. It's a perfect place to dine if you want good food and a fun vibe.


The starter calamari was perfect, lightly battered and very flavourful:


The sandwiches and burgers are just enormous, and delicious. The messy fish sandwich is beer-battered:


This burger had avocado on it, and many other tasty toppings. I could only eat half.


The bar was very lively, and stocked with good stuff. I've never seen wine on tap before, so I had to try it. $1 an ounce. I had nine of them. The Sauvignon blanc was really nice!

rsz_wineontap (2).jpg

Fun, casual and really good. I'd return! Rosie :)


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Egglicious Cafe

With omelettes that look like this, it is fair to say that this restaurant is aptly named:


As delicious as that Canadian Omelette special was, I wanted to try this restaurant because I heard the corned beef sandwiches were amazing. I love corned beef sandwiches, and this one lived up to the hype. Moist and flavourful, with perfectly buttered rye bread:


I know it is dwarfed by the giant salad but it was really filling. A great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Rosie :)

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Jodie's Restaurant

There are some mornings when you need someone else to make you coffee and eggs. On those mornings, we go to Jodie's Restaurant, where a lovely person will park these in front of us very quickly.


Jodie's "Light Breakfast" is my favourite. Eggs and tomato with toast for $3.95 (that includes coffee before 11am.) I love that they have rye toast, which is the only toast I really like.


The "Rise & Shine" includes meat and hash browns for $4.95. You can swap out the potato for salad or tomato if that's how you are feeling.


There are no hipsters or trendy cocktails to be found here, just hungry people getting their breakfast/brunch on. It's perfect for non-morning-people like me! Rosie :)

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Chodang Soon Tofu

If you dig tofu, you have to try this little Korean restaurant. Toronto Life raved about it awhile back and I was intrigued. They make their creamy silky smooth tofu fresh in the back every morning. It is the star of the mains, which is cool as tofu is usually a filler not the focal point of the dish. The menu is traditional Korean and the tofu stews come with lots of tasty savoury sides including fried fish, bean sprouts, kimchi and cold tofu.

Cho Dang Soon Tofu sides

I wanted to try their specialty, the silken tofu, which differs from the regular tofu because it is strained through silk instead of cheesecloth, making the consistency like a creamy custard. It was delicious.

Cho Dang Soon silken tofu

The soft tofu stew comes with a raw egg that you break into the stew to thicken it. There is a selection of flavours to choose from including beef, pork, oyster and mushroom. We had mushroom and beef.

Cho Dang Soon Tofu stew

The stew comes with a bowl of whole grain rice which is prepared in a separate stone pot. Hot tea then poured into the stone pot to loosen the rice. You are meant to eat this soaked rice (it's called 'burnt rice soup') after your meal to aid your digestion.

Cho Dang Soon Tofu rice

Cho Dang Soon Tofu is delicious, authentic and incredibly affordable. Two people can dine heartily, and quite healthily, for under $25. You can also get takeout and purchase their fresh tofu separately to eat later. Rosie :)

Cho Dang Soon Tofu

Chodang Soon Tofu on Urbanspoon


The Pie Commission

There is a new place to get savoury meat pies in Toronto. (And it's right in my hood, which is a bonus.) The meat pies at The Pie Commission are delicious. Everybody is talking about it. Please meet the Beef 'N Beer Pie, made with Great Lakes Red Leaf Lager. What a nice touch to use a local brewery; it's just a few blocks away.




The pastry is the best I've ever had. Flavourful and hearty, this is a really tasty lunch that is a welcome change from the usual for under $10.



You can get takeout to eat right away, or pies to bake later at home. The flavours are amazing: braised beef, butter chicken, thai green chicken curry, chicken cheddar mash, and a couple of vegetarian options as well, one with a gluten-free crust. Rosie :)

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Play Cafe: The Best Meatball Sandwiches in Toronto

If you drive by this sign enough times, you really start to think "I have to try these meatballs." This is a big sign. You have to deliver the goods to hang a sign like this in front of your restaurant.


Play Cafe meatball sandwiches are amazing. They were recently serving them up at the Celebrate the Queensway festival- look at this sauce. It doesn't get more authentic Italian than that.

rsz_playcafe (2).jpg

I enjoyed the look on Matteo's face when I initially told him I didn't want any cheese on top. He waited patiently until my momentary lapse in sanity passed, then proceeded to cover it with lots and lots of cheese after I said- obviously- "changed my mind."

rsz_playcafe2 (2).jpg

Play Cafe is one of those lovely neighbourhood cafes where happy people are always enjoying espressos on the patio. It's awesome. Rosie :)

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Buster's Fish House

You hear a lot about Buster's Sea Cove in the St. Lawrence Market (and their awesome food truck) but now I'm going to tell you about Buster's Fish House on the Lakeshore. It is also very delicious. This is what their Boston bluefish sandwich looks like:

rsz_mimico_046 (2).jpg

There is a great selection of fish sandwiches, (saw lots of people ordering the grilled salmon) the service is friendly and the menu is affordable. You can dine-in or take-out. Buster's Fish House is located in Long Branch, it's close to Woody's Burgers, Ice Cream Junction and Melt. Call 416-251-7777 for more info as they don't appear to have a website. Rosie :)

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Porchetta & Co.

One way to turn around a rough week is to have lunch at Porchetta & Co. Their sandwiches are an outstanding meal for two under $20. You can spend even less if you just do straight-up pork, but we could not resist today's special.


The pork is perfectly done, the crackling is divine, and the Caldense buns are so moist and fresh.


Impossible to not have a better day after eating here. Rosie :)

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Celebrate National 'Eat Italian Food' Day at Palma Pasta

February 13th is National 'Eat Italian Food' Day. It is also National Tortellini Day. I know this because Foodimentary tells me so. You should honour this day by eating really good Italian food, and if you can't make that happen yourself, then turn to the experts at Palma Pasta. Do you see this lasagna? It tastes as delicious as it looks.

rsz_lasagna (2).jpg

What I love about Palma Pasta's food is how much tastes like the simple but incredibly flavourful meals I ate in Italy. The sauce is perfect, and we all know how crucial that is. The Petrucci family, who have been in the food industry for over 40 years, know their pasta. We talk about Anthony's signature heart-shaped ravioli on our latest podcast; people order in anticipation of Valentine's Day. I'll take a bowl of ricotta-filled heart-shaped pasta over a box of chocolates any day of the year. Palma Pasta has locations in Mississauga and Oakville with the closest one to the 416 located at Hurontario and Queensway. Buon appetito. Rosie :)

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Salads at the Thompson Diner

The Thompson Diner is a 24-hour restaurant in the Thompson Hotel. It's very handy if you require a nice place to eat that is fairly cheap and cheerful. My dear friend Trina and I met there last night and had salads. My preferred type of salad is one with little actual lettuce, which is why I ordered the Turkey Cobb. There isn't too much iceberg getting in the way of the bacon, blue cheese, turkey and avocado.


Trina's Seafood Salad was also fairly unencumbered by many greens. (They did a good job holding up the fried calamari.) This place, being a diner, is all about the comfort food.

rsz_seafood_salad_2 (2).jpg

The Thompson Diner is located in the Thompson Hotel at King and Bathurst. It is also home to Scott Conant's Scarpetta and Minsoo Kim's Wabora. Rosie :)

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Tokyo Sushi on the Queensway

Thank you Tokyo Sushi for opening up on the Queensway. Etobicoke needs more excellent take-out sushi options.


You can dine-in too, the restaurant and the service is lovely. Rosie :)

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Hawker Bar on Ossington

Pictures often speak louder than words. I think that is the case when describing the food at Hawker Bar. Let's start with the son-in-law eggs.


I like dishes that require instruction- wait 15-20 seconds then eat the whole thing in one bite. It is said that Thai mothers prepare these eggs for their future son-in-laws as a warning of what fate could befall their family jewels if they are unfaithful husbands. No idea if this is true or not, but, eek. Those eggs get deep-fried. Behave fellas.

The curry pork satay was covered in a really fresh and flavourful peanut sauce:


Here is the laksa... OMFG. It was perfect. Rich, spicy and incredibly flavourful. I was dying to try Hawker's laksa and it did not disappoint.


I have read complaints on foodie forums that Toronto's first spot for Singapore-inspired street food isn't authentic enough. Oh please. I have never eaten street food in Singapore but even if I had I wouldn't be comparing; I like when restaurants give tradition a twist. Rosie :)

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Buster's Sea Cove Food Truck

On Friday the Buster's Sea Cove food truck was at Front and Bay. It's a great lunch option if you like seafood or if you haven't had a chance to eat at their location in the St. Lawrence Market, which has been a Market favourite for years and years. Buster's is the first seafood food truck in Ontario.


I was moving slow on Friday so by the time I got there, the lobster rolls were sold out. I saw a few people have mini-meltdowns. One girl nearly fell off her bike in disappointment. It is disappointing, especially when the fish tacos are sold out as well. But that's life in the big city people, you snooze you lose a lobster roll at Buster's.


We were easily placated by the crab rolls. Buster's seafood is really, really fresh.


Visit the Toronto Food Trucks website to find out where Buster's, and all the other fun Toronto food trucks, are located any day of the week. Rosie :)

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Caplansky's Food Truck

Toronto food trucks are awesome. I love finding them as much as eating from them. It's like a way more delicious version of Where's Waldo. I'm happy to go anywhere in the city for my faves, but it's always a treat when @foodtrucksTO tweets that Caplansky's truck is in the west end like it did yesterday, when it was on Ossington north of Queen:


Caplansky's smoked meat sandwiches ARE THE BEST! And obvi couldn't resist these freshly made bacon doughnuts. Couldn't resist three, actually.

rsz_caplanskys_003.jpg Caplansky's Delicatessen is on College if you aren't in the mood to track down the truck! Rosie :)

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Dependable Diplomatico

Last night, five girls from all over the city needed an easy place to meet for dinner. That place was Café Diplomatico. It's like an old friend who has been around forever, just waiting for you on College with decent white wine and really solid antipasto plates.

rsz_diplomatica (2).jpg

Diplomatico, ti voglio bene! Rosie :)

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Woody's Burgers

Not much to say here except Woody's Burgers are the best burgers in the city. The meat is from local cattle. Everything is made fresh on-site every day. There is no processed crap in any of it. They are even made-to-order on a Canadian hardwood burning grill. You have to wait a bit, but as you can see, it's so worth it.

rsz_woodys (2).jpg

The one on the left has gorgonzola and smoked ketchup. The one on the right, brie and roasted peppers. So next year Toronto Life, make your way west to Long Branch and add Woody's to your list of best burgers in the city. Don't be scared, south Etobicoke is nice. And it's Toronto! Rosie :)

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❤ing T.O. at Bathurst & Dundas

Today we went to the 1LOVET.O. store for 1 ❤ T.O. shirts, which really are just the cutest things ever. The kiosk is part of the awesome Market 707, located in front of the Scadding Court Community Centre at 707 Dundas St West. This little marketplace is exactly why I love Toronto. There is an amazing selection of street foods, with each vendor cooking up their specialities inside refurbished shipping containers. Yes- metal boxes. Here you have Monforte Dairy, where a really lovely lady expertly pressed the freshest sheep's milk cheese between bread from St. John's Bakery into the most insanely delicious grilled sandwiches.


Here are pieces of candied bacon from House of Jaffle.

market 7072.jpg

This little strip of deliciousness also features Filipino, Korean, South American, North African and North Indian street foods. Another bonus of Market 707 is that it is right by Alexandra Park, which has great playgrounds, a huge swimming pool and a skating rink that turns into a skateboard park in the summer. I know. ❤ it! Rosie :)



Tonight we dined with very dear friends at Anatolia, a Turkish restaurant in Etobicoke. It is one of those restaurants in a strip mall that you don't even notice until Toronto Life is like, this place is really good. On the first Friday of each month, there are belly dancers and fortune tellers and all sorts of other fun raucous business. We were not there on the first Friday of the month, so we provided the raucousness. Luckily we find ourselves extremely entertaining. The dish pictured below is the Adana kebab, a spicy mix of lamb and beef. The food is incredibly flavourful and the Baklava is perfect. I'm really glad we went; I love totally unpretentious places like this. And in an attempt to carry on the unpretentious theme, we wanted to go to Hollywood on the Queensway after (which is now Legends on the Queensway) but couldn't bring ourselves to pay a $5 cover charge for the Pink Floyd cover band. We almost certainly will regret that decision someday, but the Galway Arms proved to be a suitable post-dinner venue. Rosie :)

rsz_anatolia (2).jpg

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FBI Pizza | Mimico

We have been excited to order from FBI Pizza, which Toronto Life named one of the top delivery spots in the west end. FBI Pizza (which stands for Full-Blooded Italian, hee!) is brought to the awesome Mimico neighbourhood by the owners of Queen Margherita, so we had high expectations. It did not disappoint. We got a "bigger" pie with a whole-wheat crust, topped with with bocconcini, caramelized onions and pepperoni (I can't have pizza without pepperoni.) Here is the pizza in its entirety. It does not look like that anymore.

rsz_fbi (2).jpg
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The Beaver | Queen West

Like everyone else in this city, my husband and I really wanted to try Grand Electric. But at the end of the day, we couldn't line up for half an hour for pork tacos, no matter how delicious I'm sure they are. So we went to The Beaver, which has been around for awhile. The Beaver offers one of my favourite kind of dining experiences- excellent food in completely unpretentious surroundings. We had lamb burgers and a starter with pear, cambazola and the most flavourful fig preserves that was as good as anything I've ever eaten at Canoe. Two people can easily dine here for under $50, which is another lovely bonus about this spot. Rosie :)

rsz_beaver (2).jpg

The Beaver Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  • Roshan: Hmmm, looks good. Velloor village? There is a prominent university read more
  • Diane: Thank you Rosie. I received the DVD and planned the read more
  • Rick C in Oakville: Never thought about deep frying brussel sprouts, nice change up! read more
  • Roshan: Wow, nice food. Making me hungry Rosie. read more
  • Roshan: Ooooo, yummy stuff. Damn it, I wanna a place like read more