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Curvaceous Consignments | Thornhill

Shopping for resale clothing as a curvy woman can be challenging, because in typical consignments shops there is usually far less of a variety of fashions in sizes over 12. Curvaceous Consignments on Yonge Street in Thornhill is the only consignment store in the GTA that caters to the full figured woman. Owner Kathryn McCallum Pipes is a plus-size specialist that curates a beautiful selection of pieces in her warm and welcoming store. There is a beautiful and always changing variety of clothing and accessories in this lovely boutique.

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New Year's Eve Dresses & Parties in Toronto

Whether you call it a party dress or a cocktailklänning, if you have a fancy night out planned for New Year's Eve you probably want to buy a new frock. My favourite go-to boutique is Rescue Vintage on Ossington, which is currently having a holiday sale- 15% off everything online (enter the code "15HOLIDAYSALE" when checking out.) Another gorgeous online boutique I've just discovered is Jenny Joseph. This international dress shop has a stunning selection of sheaths that range from sweet to sexy. I'm loving these two styles particularly:


Jenny Joseph ships to North America and has weekly specials. Now, let's talk parties. If you are looking for a great New Year's Eve party in Toronto to wear your fabulous dress to, check out BlogTO's guide for some options. And remember the best free New Year's Eve party with fireworks in Toronto is at Nathan Phillips Square, where the show this year features DJ Clymaxxx of KISS 92.5 spinning for the crowd and performances by the funk and blues groups Fathead and God Made Me Funky. And, for the first time our New Year's Eve party in Nathan Phillips Square will be featured live on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Rosie :)

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The Tat Patch

I don't think I would ever get a tattoo. My jeans however, that is a different story. A pair of jeans I have had for a couple of years have a huge hole in the knee. I know there are many who would pay a lot for this look, but I refuse to walk around with my knee showing. I also feel like these jeans owe me a few more years, and that led me to the Tat Patch, the tattoo for your jeans. You don't have to sew or iron. Just turn your jeans inside out, stick the patch over the hole, and then throw them in the dryer. You still have ripped jeans, but the hole is covered, and the best part is it won't spread any further. So my jean situation went from this:

ripped jeans.jpg

To this!

tat patch.jpg

They come in several different designs; I got the blue tie die. I found them on Etsy but you can buy them directly from The Tat Patch online store. Rosie :)


Revel & Riot 'God Hates Bags' Bag

As much as I love my Fieldguided Thunder in Our Hearts bag, I am tucking it away for now. My Revel & Riot tote just arrived, and it's pretty cool.


The slogan "God Hates Bags" is a parody of the hateful signs carried by followers of pastor Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church, which promotes an anti-homosexual theology. You can probably figure out what their slogan is. (They hate a lot of stuff- the Phelpses are the ones that protested the funerals of slain American troops.) Revel & Riot created these bags to ridicule the church's horrible rallying call. They are a small independent company based in Montreal that work to promote LGBTQ rights and awareness, and a proceed of their very cool merchandise is directed to underfunded LGBT services and non-profits. Rosie :)


Six as Nine Designer Sample Sale

It was a long winter in Toronto. Seeing as we skipped spring and went straight to summer, closet overhauls are in order, fast. Perfect timing for a Toronto designer sample sale. Six as Nine is holding one for three days next week with some pretty sweet brands. We are talking Dr. Denim (perfect as my raw denim obsession continues) Belstaff (British design house that makes those waterproof jackets celebs go crazy for) outdoor garment clothier Museum and a selection of apparel from Denham. Great chance to pick up some high-end pieces for up to 70% off. So here's what you need to know. The Six as Nine designer sample sale takes place May 15th - 17th from 10am to 7pm at 72 Wingold Avenue, Suite 104 (Yorkdale mall area.) Bring cash; you can only use your Visa or Mastercard on purchases over $300. See you there! Rosie :)

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My Raw Denim Jeans: Do Not Wash

Not washing my dry denim Nudies (found at Holt Renfrew Last Call on sale for $100) for six months. This started a few weeks ago. So far so good. If you spill, spot clean only.


You are meant to wear them every day. This appeals to my frugal girl sensibilities, as this makes for a very low cost per wear. It also appeals to my loathing of doing laundry. Rosie :)


Rescue Vintage Winter Sale

There is a huge sale at Rescue, one of my fave vintage stores in the city. Starting today, fall/winter pieces are marked down up to 70% off, and all clothing in the shop is at least 20% off.

Winter Sale Sign1.JPG

Rescue Vintage is located at 102 Ossington Avenue. It's within walking distance of some great restaurants such as Fishbar, The Saint and Hawker Bar. Rosie :)

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Rescue Vintage Holiday Sale

There is a huge holiday sale going on right now at Rescue Vintage on Ossington. The entire store is buy one item, get one 50% off. Everything is included in this sale: new arrivals, vintage and already reduced items. Sale details are in the flyer below. If you still have some shopping left to do, why not do it at a gorgeous local boutique? Skip the mall, it's a horror show. Rosie :)

Holiday Sale (2).jpg

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A Real, and Awesome, Toronto Sample Sale

When me and my very stylish friend Steph were in university, we used to eagerly await "the call." Yes, this was before e-mail if you can believe it... we were on a list for a clothing supplier's seasonal sample sale, and they would call us when it was time to sell off the samples. This was, and still is, a true sample sale- actual samples of super fashionable high end brands used to sell clothing lines to Toronto boutiques. Some of my very favourite pieces of clothing are from these sample sales... my DEX puffy gold coat, my VELVET pink dress... those are still around while others have long been worn out. These sales are only advertised by word of mouth, and there aren't any fancy fitting rooms, customer service or return/exchange policies. You get in, shop, and get out. You pay by cash or cheque. Don't be surprised if you see frenzied flashes of bums and boobies; these are serious shoppers. You try things on where you can. The sizes available are typical sample sizes (4-6) but quite often you'll see size 8s so it's worth it to check out even if you aren't model skinny.

There is a sample sale coming up and I want to share it with my readers; dates and location details are in the flyer below. When you get there, say Jodi sent you. Rosie :)

slavin sample sale.png

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Spier & Mackay Shirts

Isn't this a nice shirt? It's made by Spier & Mackay, a family-run Canadian company. Their mission is to sell excellent quality shirts that are affordable.

Spier&Mackay Shirt.jpg

I discovered Spier & Mackay when Teambuy recently ran an offer for off-the-rack men's shirts (it was a great deal, three shirts for $99.) And this is why I love group deals; I had never heard of this Mississauga-based shirtmaker despite having worked (and shopped) in Mississauga for years. They ship all across Canada and to the U.S. (shipping is free for orders over $100.) The website is fantastic, there is such an amazing selection of shirts in a huge selection of colours and styles. My husband hates shopping for clothes so this site was great for him. I also liked that their showroom is not that far since he picked out shirts in a size slightly too big. You can return purchases easily by mail but since I was curious about their store, we went to check it out. The customer service is great. They are known for their made-to-measure shirts (suits too) and they quickly and accurately measured my husband. Now his shirts fit perfectly. Unfortunately they do not iron them. That would be too good to be true.


Shop online at the Spier & MacKay website or visit their Mississauga showroom (it's not that far from the 416) at 1535 Meyerside Drive, Unit 20. Rosie :)

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Fashion Forward: Craigslist for Clothes

If you get bored of your clothes and like to send them to consignment shops so they get a second life in another closet while you recoup some cash, then you are going to love this website. Canadian and American shoppers can shop for AND sell apparel and accessories online for free at Fashion Forward, which is like Craiglist but just for fashion. It couldn't be easier to use. I signed up for an account to sell my very fashion-forward sister-in-law Amanda's purse. Inspired by one of the bags Anne Hathaway wears in The Devil Wears Prada, we thought perhaps this stylish piece would catch the eye of a frugal fashion-find-seeking online shopper.


photo (21).JPG

When you create your account, you choose a location to let shoppers know where you are situated. I really like how local the site is; I could pick Etobicoke as my location instead of Toronto. Upload a picture of what you would like to sell, write a description, add your asking price, and then list it. Here's the purse (which Amanda bought at Kataya) listed on the Fashion Forward site.


I see there is also a kids Canada Goose snow suit for sale right now in Alliston that has never been worn. There are many categories to shop, including wedding dresses, costumes and baby clothes. When you sell your stuff on Fashion Forward there are no fees and they take no commission, so you earn 100% of whatever your item sells for. Fashion Forward also supports the awesome charity New Circles which provides clothing to those who need it. So friends, there is your new way to waste time at work. You are welcome. Rosie :)


Kathleen's Closet: Wardrobe Services in Toronto

Someone recently told me that women only wear 20 percent of their clothes and shoes. This seems entirely plausible to me. Recently I purged my closet- really cleared it out. I had so much stuff I couldn't see what I had anymore if that makes sense (my friends tell me it does.) I had no problem getting rid of about half my wardrobe. I am only sentimental about a few pieces and I was relieved to clear out most of it. But I have many friends who struggle with getting rid of clothes. One dear friend recently confided that she has 50 pairs of black pants. Two pairs fit. This is not good. This is heading into hoarder territory. She needs Kathleen.


Kathleen's Closet provides personal shopping, style advice and wardrobe consulting that is affordable. Basically Kathleen will sort you out if your closet is overloaded with stuff you never wear and you are struggling with what to keep and what to get rid of. Not only will Kathleen organize your closet into a happy place with lots of well coordinated, properly fitting stylish outfits, she can also help you pass your unwanted clothes to Toronto women's shelters. I recently met Kathleen at an event and she is awesome. I like that her mission is to help women build their confidence and empower them by using fashion. Women are amazing and excellent clothes just make us even better. Kathleen's Closet is located in Liberty Village, as is The Golden Apple Confectionery, a sweets and chocolate shop that made Kathleen this stunning chocolate shoe.


How gorgeous is that? I would both happily wear and eat it. Rosie :)

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Very Good Causes: New Circles Charity

Many of us have closets stuffed full of clothes we have barely worn. Every once in awhile we should give some of those clothes to charity. New Circles Charity is a Toronto non-profit organization that provides new and gently used clothing to people who need them. Cocktails & Closets, hosted by Fashion Forward, was held tonight in support of this charity. Sellers emptied their closets and jewellery boxes all over a cocktail lounge on King, and shoppers got to peruse the goods.



Admission was a cash or clothing donation to New Circles Charity. The event was held at the Saviari Tea + Cocktail Lounge on King, which makes really pretty tea-infused cocktails.


For more information about how you can donate to the New Circles Charity clothing program or hold a fundraising event to support this awesome cause, visit their website at Rosie :)

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Rescue Grand Opening Exhibition

There is only one thing better than a fabulous party, and that's a party with live models wearing gorgeous pieces of vintage fashion. That was the scene tonight at the grand opening exhibition of Rescue, Ossington's newest boutique.

Rescue Grand Opening 001.jpg

The exhibition showcased Rescue's fall collection. The pieces are exquisite.

Rescue Grand Opening 002.jpg

Rescue Grand Opening 002.jpg

Rescue Grand Opening 007.jpg


Rescue's collection is a mix of vintage and contemporary. Some of the beautiful pieces that jumped out at me include this Chanel chain belt and this pink Sue Wong frock.



The exhibition is open to the public this weekend, Saturday September 15th from 12-8 p.m. and Sunday September 16th from 12-6 p.m. It's at 109 Ossington Avenue on the second floor, across the street from the Rescue boutique. Refreshments will be available, and you can shop the fall collection. Rosie :)

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Images From The City: Model Citizen on Augusta

Awww, I don't know if hipsters ruin everything, but this shirt spotted on display at Model Citizen on Augusta is HILARIOUS.


Thanks Nick for this pic snapped in Kensington Market. If you have an image from the city you'd like to share with the Scoop, send it to Rosie :)

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Little Burgundy at Sherway Gardens

A Little Burgundy has popped up at my very favourite mall, Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke. It's across from Michael Kors near Second Cup.

Little Burgundy at Sherway Gardens.jpg

A fun addition. Little Burgundy has cute trendy shoes. What Sherway needs now is Zara and H&M (both preferably with the kids lines.) Forever 21 will be opening soon across from Dynamite, which is a good because Dynamite just doesn't cut it as the only place in the mall to buy cute cheap clothes. Rosie :)


Rescue Vintage on Ossington

My first experience with upscale vintage was about ten years ago when my husband was working in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. He was called in to work on a Saturday for some long-forgotten breaking news story so I was left to roam the city. I wandered into a clothing store with an interesting window and came out with a rainbow-coloured Oscar de la Renta strapless gown with a short tulle skirt. This was my first vintage purchase. It's a totally mad dress, glamorous and fun, and I love that there was just one. If I'd walked in ten minutes later it might have been on the way to another closet. When I lifted it out of the tissue at home, I wondered about the woman who owned it... what kind of party she wore it to, and what she was like. There is enchanting mystery to vintage clothes and I love that. I've been in a lot of Toronto vintage stores since then. Rescue Vintage, which opened in June, is the most beautiful boutique I've ever seen.


I think I fell in love when I saw the vintage sewing machine and desk, and the pretty white drapes for the fitting area.


But it's not just the décor that got me. The clothes are gorgeous. Owner Renee Kaylor carefully chooses everything in her collection, which is a mix of upscale vintage and contemporary designer pieces.


I wanted to try on every dress, and I'm picky. I don't just try on anything. It has to be different and striking, like this one.


Rescue Vintage is located at 102 Ossington Ave. It's open Thursday to Sunday from noon to 8pm. Rosie :)

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Father's Day Shopping

DEALENDEDFather's Day is this Sunday June 17th and you can really tell by the online deals available. There are plenty of offers for car washes, flight simulator packages and cubes for your desk that are meant to alleviate stress (who actually buys those?) This deal at Quattro Clothiers in Yorkville is pretty good: for $149, you get a made-to-measure dress shirt, or for $99 you get $300 towards other custom-made men's clothes. Every man should experience a bespoke shirt or suit at least once, and the tailors at Quattro know what they are doing. Rosie :)

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❤ing T.O. at Bathurst & Dundas

Today we went to the 1LOVET.O. store for 1 ❤ T.O. shirts, which really are just the cutest things ever. The kiosk is part of the awesome Market 707, located in front of the Scadding Court Community Centre at 707 Dundas St West. This little marketplace is exactly why I love Toronto. There is an amazing selection of street foods, with each vendor cooking up their specialities inside refurbished shipping containers. Yes- metal boxes. Here you have Monforte Dairy, where a really lovely lady expertly pressed the freshest sheep's milk cheese between bread from St. John's Bakery into the most insanely delicious grilled sandwiches.


Here are pieces of candied bacon from House of Jaffle.

market 7072.jpg

This little strip of deliciousness also features Filipino, Korean, South American, North African and North Indian street foods. Another bonus of Market 707 is that it is right by Alexandra Park, which has great playgrounds, a huge swimming pool and a skating rink that turns into a skateboard park in the summer. I know. ❤ it! Rosie :)


The Carrie Necklace

Sarah Jessica Parker wore a lot of memorable fashion when she was playing Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. Highlights for me were the Christian Dior newsprint dress (remember she wore it when she apologized to Natasha for her affair with Big, and Natasha is all like, thanks for ruining my marriage- and my lunch) her giant flowers (I still wear a big pink one on my winter coat and I don't care that it isn't trending anymore) and that insanely gorgeous tulle Versace gown she wore waiting for the Russian on her first night in Paris. Fairy princess dress. But to me, nothing is more iconic than the Carrie necklace. I love how much she loved it, and how when she lost it in Paris you felt she had lost a piece of herself. (An overwrought metaphor perhaps but who cares? We were all dying when she finds it later in her vintage bag.) I love how the show's stylist was inspired to make the necklace when her car broke down and she took the train into the city and saw all these fab Italian girls sporting nameplates. She went to Canal Street to have SJP's necklace made. This trend tends to fade and resurge but if you don't care and just want a necklace of your own, you don't have to go to Canal Street (although everyone should once.) You just have to go to NameJewelrySpot, and here's a deal for a monogram chain. Miss you Carrie... Rosie :)


Thunder in Our Hearts (and on our totes)

Last summer I was in Kensington Market poking through some produce when a girl reached past me to inspect a mango. Slung over her shoulder was a beige tote she was using for her groceries. Emblazoned across the bag were the words "There is Thunder in Our Hearts." I was frozen for a second- did her bag have a line on it from one of my favourite songs EVER, 'Running Up That Hill' by Kate Bush? It most certainly did. And before I could ask mango girl where she got it, she was gone! She just disappeared. It was sort of weird actually. I couldn't stop thinking about that tote. I started to search, and wasn't surprised in the least when I eventually discovered it was not only by a Canadian designer, but Toronto design duo Fieldguided. Figures, Canadian designers are so interesting and make such beautiful things. I'm going to make it easy for you to buy it if you think this bag is as cool as I do. You can get it at their website, where there appears to be a variety of colours, or on Etsy. Rosie :)


Sometimes You Need Flats

I always prefer heels to flats but it's necessary to have a few pairs on hand. It just isn't practical to navigate the pea gravel at the park with a trike and a two-year-old while wearing spike heels. If you are the type though that would rather wear a scrunchie than been seen without your pumps, Fold a Sole is the perfect solution. When I first read about these portable emergency flats (designed by a Canadian company) I thought it was genius... adorable ballet flats that fold right up and tuck into your purse. So they are there if you need them, taking up barely any more room than your wallet and lipstick. Today you can get a pair for $12, in black or bronze. Rosie :)

Michael Kors on FabFind

I don't get really worked up about designer stuff. I certainly don't mind the odd thing if it isn't too over-the-top with branding but I don't usually seek out accessories emblazoned with labels. NOW, that being said, there is something I love about Michael Kors. Everything is so sophisticated and luxe and buttery looking. It's also expensive obviously so I love that FabFind (my favourite deal site for trendy Toronto things) can somehow hook up us frugal fashionistas with the odd Michael Kors accessory. Right now they have the Michael Kors Hamilton Tote available for $269. You have a choice of two styles, and three colours. I quite like this tote because I like a big, good quality purse with room for all my stuff. I can actually fit a bottle of wine in my current Coach bag, and a complete change of clothes. I don't know how people walk around with teeny little purses. If you are looking to upgrade for a modest investment, today's the day. Rosie :)

Red Pants

My increasingly fashion-conscious husband recently announced that red pants are in style for men this season. Sure enough, a quick stroll through our local Zara revealed a prominent display of bright cherry-coloured trousers. I couldn't resist picking these up at H&M for my little guy, who wears the current trends quite effortlessly. Rosie :)


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