Best Restaurants in Markham

The Earl of Whitchurch | Stouffville: NOW CLOSED

For many of us, the point of going to a pub is to have a cold delicious pint. Now, there is certainly no shortage of excellent local beers to choose from at the Earl of Whitchurch, but we were there for the food. This is a pub for people who like to eat, and eat WELL. The mac 'n cheese burger is huge and juicy and really quite beautiful to behold.


Dragon Legend | Markham

Bian Lian or face changing is an ancient Chinese dramatic art. The masks are brightly painted and represent characters from Sichuan opera. Each colour represents a different character and the faces are highly differentiated. The performer wears an elaborate and vivid traditional costume moving quickly to fast paced music alternating movement with poses. With a swipe of the fan or a movement of their head their entire face changes before the eyes of an astonished audience. The secret of the face change has been passed down from one generation to the next within families. Traditionally only males were permitted to learn Bian Lian, the theory being that women do not stay within the family and would marry out passing the secret to another family. It is truly something to behold and is part of the rich cultural experience a guest at Dragon Legend can expect. Performances take place every Wednesday evening starting at 6:45 p.m.


Federick Restaurant | Markham

Welcome to Federick in Markham. This is where me and my work peeps eat lunch when we are in a happy mood and want to take our joy to the next level. Jordan is waiting patiently for our usual order of mixed vegetables, Hakka noodles, Manchurian fried rice and General Tso beef and chicken.



I am continually impressed by the patience of my friends who wait calmly for the food photo shoot to take place before we can dig in. Well sometimes the spoons do get in there first. This amazing food photography in this post is courtesy of my co-host Mike.





Federick's serves Hakka Chinese cuisine, which is a blend of Indian and Chinese cooking styles and seasonings. This Markham location is the second Federick Restaurant in the GTA; the first location in Scarborough is credited with bringing Hakka food to Toronto. It is well known for their pakoras, a popular Indian fried snack of meat or vegatable. Federick's in Markham is located at 160 New Delhi Drive, in the Costco plaza. Lots of parking. Rosie :)

Le Bistro Lounge - Courtyard & TownePlace by Marriott | Markham

I love going out to lunch. It makes a regular workday a little more special. I'm always looking for new places to eat near our studio that serve great food and are easy to meet up with your friends at. Le Bistro Lounge, located at the Courtyard Marriott Markham (right on Woodbine just north of Steeles) is lovely. The food is delicious and the service is outstanding.


What I really liked about Le Bistro was how casual and cool the vibe was. Our girl's lunch was so much fun we actually organized a little work event there and were blown away. The staff at Le Bistro are so genuinely lovely and kind.



The menu features seasonal signature dishes, classic faves and a great drinks selection including Starbucks coffee. We were so impressed by how fresh the ingredients were.




Le Bistro Lounge is great. Check it out the next time you want a yummy meal in a cool and convenient spot. There is tons of parking and the service is wonderful. I love walking into hotels, there is something so fancy about it, especially when it's a hotel as lovely as this one. Rosie :)

Marca on Main | Markham: NOW CLOSED

**UPDATE: This is now a banquet hall for private events. Marca on the Wharf in Cobourg is a full-serve restaurant open to the public.**

Tucked right in that lovely stretch of historic Main Street Markham is a beautiful restaurant with seriously authentic Italian food. Marca on Main is open for lunch on Friday afternoons and on a warm July day it felt like a little escape to a trattoria in Rome. No one wants to make tough decisions in the summer so we ordered most of the appetizers and lots of white wine. The calamari fritti were light and tasty, served with fresh horseradish, garlic and lemon aioli.


Cantaloupe wrapped with prosciutto covered in parmigiana and drizzled with honey. A must-order.


The beef and pork meatballs are smothered in the house made tomato sauce which is the real deal. Order lots of these- you will not want to share.


Silician arancini (fried and stuffed rice balls) are heavenly when done right. Marca does them right. They are light, crunchy and full of flavour.


The scallops were juicy and a lovely complement to the meat dishes. The mint in the sauce gave a great kick to the dish.


Perfect crusty fresh crostini bread and a giardiniera (pickled veg antipasto) heavy on stuff I love- olives and peppers.


Desserts were off the hook. The homemade ice cream is sensational. Berry and chocolate mint was on the menu, which Vince scooped into little ice cream cones for us. The tiramisu (which means "pull-me-up" in Italian) was light and fresh. Perfect light desserts for a summer afternoon.



Marca on Main has a really neat contemporary design which is both spacious and cozy at the same time. It is one of those spaces that is ideal for a romantic dinner or an office holiday party. I really like the way the light streams in from the skylights.



The service is great, so warm and genuine. You can tell when people are proud of the restaurant they work at, and of the food they deliver to your table. Here are Vince and Derek in the open Marca kitchen.


Marca on Main is located at 96 Main Street North in Markham. Built in 1881, the building once served as the Markham Village Town Hall. It was reinvented in 1946 as Markham's first movie theatre providing entertainment to the communtiy until the 80s. The Harry James Group revitalized this rich historic site in 1996, carefully and beautifully preserving it's orginal grandeur. Rosie :)