Best Halal Restaurants in Toronto

Fresh East | Downtown Yonge

I wish this sandwich shop was here when I went to Ryerson. I would have eaten a lot less of Ernie's hot dogs (no offense Ernie!) Fresh East by Paramount Fine foods is a Middle-Eastern inspired take-out eatery just steps from Yonge Dundas Square in downtown Toronto serving pitas, sandwiches, soups and salads prepared with the freshest ingredients.



The Fresh East menu is halal certified and features kafta, falafel, sandwiches-in-a-bowl and veal "macon" (mock bacon). The beef shawarma and shish tawouk were delicious, topped with generous portions of flavourful toppings. Here's the beef shwarma:


Asiz recommended the shish tawouk, which is prepared with traditonal marinated chicken shish kebab.


Here is Asiz.


The more healthy options for fast-casual meals the better. Fresh East is quick, delicious, affordable and so convenient if you are shopping near the Eaton Centre, visiting Yonge Dundas Square or looking for halal takeout near Ryerson. Rosie :)


Paramount Fine Foods | Yorkville

A favourite eatery of Toronto Maple Leaf Nazem Kadri, Paramount Fine Foods serves a selection of Middle Eastern favourites made in-house daily, with Ontario-raised hormone-free halal meat. The newly opened location in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood boasts a contemporary and very comfortable decor ideal for sit-down dinners or quick and casual lunches. The fresh baked pita is a must, arriving at your table directly from the wood-burning ovens piping hot and puffy:


Our knowledgeable server recommended the moutabbal to start, which is grilled eggplant mixed with tahini sauce, then drizzled with olive oil and topped with pomegranate seeds. You could really taste that the eggplant was freshly grilled just before it was blended and brought to the table.


The chicken and beef shawarma entree was huge and so flavourful, piled high on fresh pita and served with tahini and a whipped garlic sauce that was light and very tasty.


The perfectly cooked lamb skewers are served with rice and salad.


Paramount Fine Foods is also a bakery, with an amazing selection of sweets baked in-house daily. The baklawa (which is one of my very favourite desserts) is outstanding. Layers of phyllo are filled with pistachios and pine nuts, separated by melted butter and held together with drizzles of sweet rose syrup. It's heavenly and the baklawa at Paramount is some of the best I've ever tasted.



Etched on the window at Paramount: "Love for other people what you love for yourself." A lovely sentiment that invokes the warmth and love that goes into the food at this restaurant. 1250 Bay Street. Rosie :)