Best Doughnuts in Toronto

San Remo Bakery | Mimico

When I want to bring a spectacular dessert to a dinner party, I head to a very special Italian bakery in south Etobicoke. San Remo is one of my favourite bakeries and cafes in the city. The pastries are beautiful, fresh and delicious. Their macarons rival some of the best pastry shops in the city including Nadege, and I love Nadege. It is crazy busy and you will understand why after you eat something at San Remo. It is the real deal.


Glory Hole Doughnuts | Parkdale

This awesomely named Parkdale bakery makes gorgeous artisan doughnuts. They are made by hand using natural ingredients every morning. The flavours are so much fun, from S'Mores to Lemon Bomb to Toast & Butter, which is my fave.




Cinnamon Sugar and Lemon Bomb.


I am also a huge fan of the simple Vanilla Glaze. So good.


Banana Cream Pie.


$18 for a half dozen. Flavours vary on a daily basis; I had heard the ricotta doughnut was fantastic but wasn't a choice the day I visited. The name of the bakery is a real conversation starter and then everyone shuts up when you start eating these treats which really are as glorious as doughnuts can hope to be. Rosie :)