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John-Paul Ricchio's Exclusive Breakdown of Lizzo's Look at the 2022 VMAs

The queen of queens Lizzo has brought back the major Eleganza to the MTV video music awards... the glamour has arrived and I am gasping for air.

There's always one look that I fall in love with at the VMAs- somebody who is bold, doesn't give a shit and absolutely rocks the runway. I am so pleased to be able to give you a fabulous breakdown of the one and only Lizzo as she embarked on the red carpet tonight in this luscious fluid and categorically glamorous ensemble to match her fabulous skin, hair and make up. I had the chance to speak exclusively to Charlotte Tilbury's team to find out exactly what she used and I'm so happy to share this wonderful amount of details with all of Canada and with all of you wonderful readers.

She picked the legendary fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier's Spring Summer 2022 couture, a gown accessorized with matching black lipstick, a gold lip ring, layers of gold hoop earrings and a slicked back hair style with fabulous gloves that were dripping with glamour. Lizzo's mesmerizing look was brought to life by celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo, using a range of Charlotte Tilbury beauty icons including Glow Toner, Magic Cream, Beautiful Skin Foundation and the NEW Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer which launched on Thursday.

Alexx Mayo told me tonight:

"We wanted to go with the ultimate vamp look. I love using product in unconventional ways like the duo super blue eye liner as a lipstick. The overall vibe of the look was a sultry regal vixen."

The MTV video music awards for years have been a focal point of creating style, fashion, glamour and luxe that we all turn to for our own joy. I remember looking back at when Madonna opened the first ever VMAs, the iconic Britney Spears' I'm a Slave 4 U performance, and Janet Jackson's iconic tribute to her belated brother Michael Jackson. It has been something that always inspires me and will continue to inspire me. This look tonight from Lizzo is hands-down badass just like her.

I just hope that Courtney Love wasn't there throwing her compacts at Lizzo while she was being interviewed like she did Madonna not so many years ago lol.

You too can get these radiant concealers and create this look yourself at home to create your own eleganza and your own red carpet look.

You can find Charlotte Tilbury here, at Holt Renfrew, and at Sephora. And in case you missed it, watch Lizzo accept her VMA right here in couture by Olivier Rousteing, the Creative Director at Balmain. Kisses, JP xo

Vivier Pharma at Elton John's AIDS Foundation 30th Annual Oscars Viewing Party

The 30th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party took place on Sunday, March 27, in West Hollywood Park, LA. I was thrilled to attend with Vivier Pharma, a Canadian skin care company honoured to support EJAF for a second year in a row. The party was hosted by Lady Gaga, Billy Porter and Eric McCormack, alongside the chairman of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, David Furnish.



The star-studded gala featured a stunning performance by Brandi Carlile and raised $8.6 million for the Foundation's lifesaving work to end AIDS. Elton John and David Furnish's sons Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John and Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John (Lady Gaga's godsons) were also in attendance. A friend of David Furnish and a long time supporter of the Elton John AIDS foundation, I have a strong connection to the work that the foundation does as my beloved Auntie Valerie passed away from AIDS contracted through a blood transfusion.



It was very important to me to dress for this special event as my authentic self, so I chose a beautiful Dsquared silk tuxedo with a custom NARCES half ball gown. The custom outfit allowed me to play with masculinity and femininity, not in drag, but as myself. My diamonds were generously provided by Maison Birks and my glowing skin is of course made possible by the incredible line of Vivier skin care products.


Congratulations Vivier Pharma on your incredible philanthropy work worldwide, and specifically the life changing support you give to The Elton John Aids Foundation. The funds help frontline partners to prevent infections, fight stigma and provide treatment with love, compassion and dignity for the most vulnerable groups affected by HIV around the world. For more information about the incredible work this organization does, and to support them in their goal to end AIDS by 2030, visit the EJAF official website.


Check out my exclusive interview in Los Angeles with Mike and Steve Vivier - Presidents of Vivier Pharma. JP xo


Vanessa Williams on The Evolution of Makeup for Black Women by Beauty Expert John-Paul Ricchio

Since Vanessa Williams became the first Black woman to win the Miss America crown in 1983, the world of beauty, skincare and makeup for dark skin has changed greatly. In this exclusive conversation with the legendary actor, singer, producer and fashion designer, we discuss the evolution of makeup for people of colour. It was such a great privilege to have such an open and candid conversation with the inspiring Ms. Williams- a true trailblazer and trendsetter. Enjoy... and when you are done watching, you can also read my full interview in the Toronto Star's Kit to learn about what products Vanessa Williams can't live without. JP xo

Queen of the Universe Host Graham Norton Speaks to John-Paul Ricchio

I had the pleasure to chat with Graham Norton, host of "Queen of the Universe", the first-of-its-kind global drag singing competition now streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Enjoy, and when you are done, click over to the Kit to read my chat with the iconic Vanessa Williams, queen of the star-studded panel of judges. (Scroll down for the full transcript of this marvelous chat with this marvelous man! JP xo

John-Paul Ricchio: Hello, Graham, wonderful to meet you virtually. How are you doing?

Graham Norton: Very well, not as well as you but quite well.

John-Paul Ricchio: I happen to have a vacation that was planned six months ago and then I ended up being down here, but I thought I'd spruce up and show you guys some sunshine and some beautiful scenery. So, listen, I wanted to, first of all, tell you how happy I am that this show is happening and I'd like to congratulate you on this show. I'm a huge fan of yours and I just wanted to find out what drew you to this project?

Graham Norton: Listen, this was a no brainer, this was just singing drag queens, you had me at singing drag queen. And then to find out it was an international competition just added that extra layer to the whole thing. So, I didn't even think about this, it was just an absolutely I was in. And everything I found out about it kind of blew my mind. I was thinking-- I had no idea of the scale of this competition, I didn't understand the production values, I didn't know the prize was $250,000. So, all of that just-- and I didn't know who the panel were-- all the things I found out, it was just like, oh, more, more, more, yeah, please.

John-Paul Ricchio: Wow! Are you going to be performing yourself in the show?

Graham Norton: No. (Laughter)

John-Paul Ricchio: Aside from the singing aspect of the show, what makes this show different from other drag shows that are currently out there?

Graham Norton: Well, I think the singing is definitely a huge difference, and the performance. It's also to do, I think the international element changes it as well because we're finding-- there isn't just one drag queen dressing up box, there isn't just one form of drag, even in Canada or America, as we see when we watch the different Drag Races, there's a difference to these styles of drag. So in this, those styles are really heightened and it's in the drag, it's in the song choices, it's in the language that they're singing in, all of that. And also, I think in other drag shows, yes, there is a performance element but they're not out there by themselves putting on a show like this in front of a live audience. It was great to see them-- because a lot of these queens haven't performed in, what, a year and a half, two years, some of them have never performed, some of them are just TikTok queens just posting YouTube videos from their bedroom. So, to see them on this scale, putting on a show, and also with the production values we've got, you know, choreography, dancers, sets, lighting, pyros, you don't see that with drag so much. This is elevated to a point where people will be really astonished.

John-Paul Ricchio: I was completely wowed, I absolutely was blown away by the production value of the show, it is incredible, very refreshing to see. I would like to pick your brain on what was the selection process like, picking the queens that are featured on the show?

Graham Norton: I'm not really sure... because by the time I came to it, they had the 14 Queens, but certainly they were applying for entries, so presumably it's a bit like Drag Race, where you have to put together a show reel, you have to show your aesthetic, you have to sing. Maybe some people were recommended to apply, I don't know, but my god, they really, the found some great people. And what's interesting is, there will be queens watching this thinking why... why didn't I enter that? I think a lot of queens just didn't know, no one thought there was going to be a quarter of a million dollars at stake, so I think a lot of people kind of thought, oh, it's at the end of the pandemic, my drag isn't ready, I'll apply the next time. Now they're kicking themselves.

John-Paul Ricchio: 100%. I mean I wish I would have entered! That would have been amazing! Now, you've been exposed to drag for a long time and being on Drag Race, what are the ingredients that make a drag queen?

Graham Norton: Well, look, I think the interesting thing for me about drag and a great drag queen, I can't explain it but maybe you'll know what I mean, is that, yes, they've got to be fabulous and fierce and funny and there is something... there is something otherworldly about drag queens, but the thing that makes me love it, I think, is that weirdly, drag queens for all their fierceness and the makeup and the drag, they wear their hearts on their sleeves. There's an emotional connection I have with drag that I still don't understand, but I find myself, on this show, you just, you're laughing one minute and then suddenly, boom, you're in a really raw, emotional thing. And I don't know what it is but drag queens seem incredibly in touch with their emotions, their emotions seem to be right there, right behind the blusher is just some raw emotion. And for me, that's why I love it, that's really what I get off on.

John-Paul Ricchio: 100%. I completely agree. On top of the blusher is the contouring, severe contouring, which I am obsessed with. I may have done a little bit myself today. So, I'm from a Canadian outlet and one of the contestants on the show, she's from Montreal, talk to me about what she brought to the table.

Graham Norton: I mean, she, we-- I love her, I really love her. I'm not sure how much I can say but she, in her first performance, which I think is in show two, I think she's in show two, not show one, bu they're both on the same night, basically December the 2nd, they're back to back, and she's in show two and I think Canada will be very, very proud. Hilarious, really, really really funny. She brought the party, I remember it as being an absolute highlight of that show. Really, yeah, yeah, I have to say, I think Canada will be very proud.

John-Paul Ricchio: That's incredible. The Queens are constantly reinventing themselves and I class you as one of the most brilliant and charismatic and a celebrity favourite interviewer in the world, there's nothing like scrolling through an Instagram and finding a 20-second clip of you, I'll watch it over and over and over. Do you find any pressure to reinvent yourself?

Graham Norton: Not really. I'm lucky because although it's my show, it's never about me. So the show is reinvented every week because we've got a different bunch of celebrities. So, I mean the only reinvention I've done very slowly over 22 years, is become old. So, that's... that's my Madonna chameleon moment. Look, he's got grey hair and wrinkles, that's amazing! So, yeah, that's been my very slow transformation over the years.

John-Paul Ricchio:I just want to say thank you so much for talking with me. I adore you and thank you for bringing everything that you do to the world. Thank you so much.

Graham Norton: Enjoy the rest of your holiday, sir, take care.

John-Paul Ricchio: Thank you, Graham, thank you so much. Take care.

Queen of the Universe is now streaming on Paramount+.

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Queen of the Universe Judge Michelle Visage Speaks to John-Paul Ricchio

She's a platinum-selling recording artist, three-time Emmy-winning producer, judge of RuPaul's Drag Race and now a a member of the "Pop Diva Panel" of judges alongside Vanessa Williams on Queen on the Universe. This new series follows the world's most talented drag queens as they battle it out for global domination, and countries go head to head spotlighting their top talent as they debut a new musical performance in front of a live audience. Here's my one-on-one interview with the gorgeous Michelle. (Scroll down past the video for the full transcript!) Enjoy, JP xo

John-Paul Ricchio: My name is JP Ricchio and I'm from The Kit in Toronto. Hello, Michelle. Congratulations on Queen of the Universe. What drew you to this fantastic, fantastic project?

Michelle Visage: Well, first of all, thank you, JP, lovely to meet you. I think the obvious drew me to this incredible project. Queen of the Universe, just the title alone, but then they had me at Drag Queens and then they said a singing competition, how could one say no to that? I mean it's two of my most favourite things in life combined in one and it's such a masterpiece. It's produced so beautifully, the production value is over the top, it makes every other singing competition looks just teeny tiny. It's so amazing.

John-Paul Ricchio: I agree with you, I was floored by it. And you, that high pull, I was just obsessed, that was epic! You are the queen and the goddess, I'm obsessed.

Michelle Visage: Ah, thank you.

John-Paul Ricchio: I'm so proud of everything that you have contributed to making and putting the art of drag into the mainstream market, you should be so proud of yourself, and that comes from my heart. I'm so proud of what you have contributed to the world, seriously.

Michelle Visage: Thank you.

John-Paul Ricchio: You're very welcome. So we all know that success does not happen overnight and you've worked very, very hard to get to where you are. And I'd like to know what kind of advice did you give to these Queens, on Queen of the Universe?

Michelle Visage: I think the advice I give is-- anytime I judge anybody, wherever I am, whether it's RuPaul's Drag Race, Ireland's Got Talent, wherever I'm judging, even with my own children, the world is not an easy place, so my advice seems like it's tough love but the world is tough love, that's my point. You can't just out in the world and expect Skittles and rainbows to come raining down on you, especially as a queer performer, that's not going to happen. So I want them to hear the truth and sometimes the truth hurts, but if you listen to what somebody's saying to you, I say to my child, this isn't working for you, let's find out why or what does work for you or how we could make it better. So for me, that's the kind of advice I gave to these kids, maybe tonight wasn't your best night, so how can we make it better? Let's do this, this and this for the next week, if you're lucky enough to get through, and when they use it and they implement it, it's like a light bulb turns on. That's my goal every time I judge on any television show. So that's what I try to do, that's what I bring to Queen of the Universe. And will they use what I tell them? Well, we'll have to wait and see!

John-Paul Ricchio: So, critique me. How do I look tonight?

Michelle Visage: You know, the first thing I see about you is those gorgeous cheekbones, absolutely beautiful. What do you have green on your lap?

John-Paul Ricchio: This is a very large pashmina--

Michelle Visage: Oh, you are fabulous, JP! You have this beautiful black and white suit on with this beautiful collar on the shirt, with the pussy bow... and then a gorgeous green pashmina shawl, I mean you look fabulous, you look rich!

John-Paul Ricchio: Oh my god, you're hysterical, thank you, I've always wanted to ask you that. So, back to the competition, how was the Canadian Queen? As a Canadian outlet, I'm very proud to have a Canadian representative on your show. How did the Canadian Queen compare to the others?

Michelle Visage: Listen, I love Canada. I grew up going to Niagara Falls for a vacation because it was right up from New Jersey, you could just drive there. Canada is such an amazing country and Canada, especially in the drag community, has its quirks. Canadian drag is very quirky but it's also very regional, just like the States. Like drag in New York is different to drag in Los Angeles, it's different to drag in Ohio, it's just the way that it is. So, our Canadian entrant is an amazing talent who is quirky and fun and representing Canada beautifully.

John-Paul Ricchio: I love that. What was it like working with Michelle Williams and Leona Lewis and Trixie and her eyeliner?

Michelle Visage: Vanessa Williams was, is a personal friend of mine, so I've known her for a while, so it was great having a friend on the panel already. And then they said Trixie was joining and I was like, yes! Trixie and I have a history, I've judge her quite a few, many times and I just love her for what she is and all that white eyeliner. And Leona who is just-- I call her the good girl of the group, of the group of bad girls-- she is a sweetheart. It was my first time meeting her. But we all got along and a lot of times on these panel shows, you see panellists that just don't get along and there's no chemistry, you can't really force chemistry, it just has to happen and I think we had a lot of it. And the most important thing was we had fun, this show is so much fun because the talent is extraordinary.

John-Paul Ricchio: Amazing. It brought me a lot of joy watching the first episode, I'm not going to lie, I was blown away. I'd like to ask you, you, as an artist in your own right, you're in Seduction, you are the queen, so a singer, a huge part of the competition is singing. what are you looking for with these contestants and their performing skills?

Michelle Visage: So, it's not a huge part, it is THE part, this is a singing competition, first and foremost. It's about the voice and it's about the performance. Drag is back seat for me. You have to be a good drag queen, you can't be a Halloween kind of frat boy joke, you need to be able to be a drag performer and your drag can be improved, but the vocals are the vocals. So it's all about the way they sound and the performance of it all. And then we can get a little bit into the drag and talk about it and say these are things that you can change to make it a little bit better, but for me it's about those vocals, can you deliver those vocals. And honey, they can. People are going to be blown away by the voices they hear.

John-Paul Ricchio: Fantastic. I am a beauty and fashion expert from Toronto and what I'd like you to do now, is I'd like you to introduce yourself and then I'd like you to say, if you're comfortable, I'm Michelle Visage and this is what's in my kit. And then I'd love for you to just name three or four products that you just love and can't live without, and why.

Michelle Visage: I don't know if I'm allowed to do that. Am I allowed to do that, you guys?

John-Paul Ricchio: You don't have to mention a brand, you can just say lipstick, powder--

Michelle Visage: That I can do, that I can do.

John-Paul Ricchio: Okay. Whenever you're ready.

Michelle Visage: Hey! It's Michelle Visage, I'm a judge on Queen of the Universe, and this is what's in my kit. Now, I cannot live without lip plumper. I think a lot of people will run for injections and do stuff like that [7:22 - video/audio distortion/audio and viz out of sync]. If there's a new technique, I'm going to try it. Can't live without that. Can't live without a good mascara, not ever waterproof because it rips your eyelashes out. And the blackest of black liquid eyeliners, not felt tip pencils but liquid with a brush. Those are things I cannot live without. And a nail file.

John-Paul Ricchio:Michelle, we are done, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time. We seriously love you.

Michelle Visage: Thank you, JP, I know you're going to love the show, thank you so much for talking to me. Bye, doll!

John-Paul Ricchio: Bye, darling!

Queen of the Universe is now streaming on Paramount+.

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My latest for The Kit is a conversation with Canadian TV icon Traci Melchor, who has just been announced as a judge on the second season of Canada's Drag Race. In this exclusive chat with my dear friend, we talk drag race, Pride, and what the LGBTQ2S+ community means to her. Enjoy! JP xo


ICONIC London Debuts in Canada | John-Paul Ricchio on CTV News

in 2015, entrepreneur Jade Elliott sold her car to start a beauty brand from her bedroom. And ICONIC London was born. A favourite of Kim Kardashian, this sensational makeup line is now available in Canada and I couldn't be more excited to share the must-have products from this line, how to use them, and how to win them. Watch my appearance on CTV Morning Live Vancouver to learn how to create the ICONIC London Ombre look, and how to enter to win the ultimate ICONIC London prize pack valued at $400. JP xo

Loud, Live & In Colour- An Exclusive Interview with Ts Madison | by John-Paul Ricchio










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Contributed by Beauty & Fashion Expert John-Paul Ricchio @johnpaulricchio