How To Name a Star

I've always loved the idea of naming a star but wasn't sure how trustworthy the companies who provide this service are. I feel you would definitely want to know your star is a real ball of gas you can actually see, otherwise what's the fun of searching the night sky for it? I started to look into how to name a star for a Christmas gift for a zodiac-obsessed friend. After chatting with a very passionate amateur astronomer who advised you want a company that only names clearly visible stars that can be seen with the naked eye, I did some research and learned the best site to name a star is Star-Registration. They ask for your location so they can ensure your star will be visible from where you are. Your named star is entered into the Star Register which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Then you can use their app, which calculates the position of your named star at any given time (no matter where you are) to look up and find your star in the sky.


It's a beautiful gift for star-gazers, as you receive a certificate and a star map in a lovely folder. And if you don't like the star that is chosen for you, they will help you find another one, or give you a refund. Rosie :)

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