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Tokyo Sushi on the Queensway | South Etobicoke

One of my favourite takeout sushi restaurants in Toronto is Tokyo Sushi. I remember being very excited when it opened about ten years ago on the Queensway, because there weren't very many sushi spots in the neighbourhood. Many have come and gone since then, but I'm very happy that Tokyo Sushi is still here. It's been takeout only since the pandemic and that's just fine... just glad to see this is one of the businesses that is still around in 2021. A little tip: pay cash and you'll get a discount when you pickup. Rosie :)


The Best Multivitamins for Women

Like all moms I am an extremely busy person who is constantly multi-tasking and often doesn't have time to eat properly. My son struggles with with sleep issues and our family often has very poor nights of sleep, which also takes a toll on our overall health. When you don't sleep properly, everything suffers. Your energy levels plunge and your diet goes to hell. I wanted to start taking a multivitamin that not only has a good amount of B vitamins (which woman tend to be deficient in) but that also gives me energy, helps support a healthy metabolism and that isn't a gummy. I don't like gummy vitamins and I just want to take one tablet a day- even I can manage that. At my go-to online health store I found my multivitamin- Garden of Life mykind Women's Once Daily.



This is a vegan once-a-day tablet that also provides vitamin B-12 in methylcobalamin form. This is important (and different from many other vitamins) because it's a highly active and absorbable form of B-12, more like the B-12 that your body naturally makes. It also has iron for your blood, and vegan D3 from lichen to support your immune system. You can buy them online and have them delivered straight to your door (free 24-hour shipping in the GTA) from House of Wellness. Rosie :)

DIY Things To Do With Kids This Halloween

Halloween Cake.png

Freshly off Thanksgiving, many of us have learned this timeless lesson - kids enjoy and appreciate the moment - and the holiday - more if they roll up their sleeves and get involved. With Halloween now upon us, let's help each other find some simple ways to make Halloween extra memorable this year. So here's my top five ways to carve out some memories for your family.

1. Fun and festive treats Many of us will be tempted to order a pizza or buy a veggie tray from the local grocery store; but the very best option will always be your own creations. This year, consider pumpkin deviled eggs or Banana Mummies. Not only will it pique the curiosity of your little ones, but it might be a good way to get them to try new things.

2. DIY Halloween costumes with the kids Oh yes... it's time to use those scissors to get a little destructive, and creative, at the same time. Whether they love the idea of being a ghost, vampire or a mummy, buy them the fabric and the accessories they need to make their spooky ideas come to life. This will not only save you money, but also will let your kids have some fun and show their creative side.

3. Spooky decorations for the home To make your decorating most effective, get the family involved. Have your kids hang the stretchy, fake spider web on the door, string up the lights or assemble the pumpkin display. Sure, they'll argue or boast but, overall, expect some bonding and who knows, they may even cherish these memories more than the sweets that come later.

4. Pumpkin carving contest You've come this far, don't turn back without carving a few Jack-O'-Lanterns! If you're having some family or guests over, consider hosting a pumpkin carving contest. The scariest Jack-O'-Lantern wins - but so does the most daunting or expressive ones. Memories come from laughter, fun and creativity - but also from our competitive spirit. Be sure to throw in at least one fun competition for optimal fun in your evening.

5. If stepping out isn't your thing, just order in Halloween is usually about beating the pavement. But it's also staying in...especially with a good spooky movie. Whether your family loves old classic movies such as Beetlejuice or A Nightmare on Elm Street or horror movies such as The Grudge or The Ring, spend some quality time watching the spookiest, silliest and best Halloween movies available. But, instead of popcorn, don't miss the opportunity to spoil your guests and family members with a thematic treat - for example a slice of Zombie Unicorn Cake from Baskin-Robbins Canada. Talk about an interactive movie experience! Happy Trick-or-Treating... or not! Rosie :)