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Aqcua Fine Foods | Home Delivery Service of Ready-Made Meals

If you are looking for a home delivery meal service in the Toronto area, check out Aqcua Fine Foods on the Queensway. They are a catering company now offering a huge selection of ready-to-reheat meals delivered right to your door, as well as produce, meat and seafood from Toronto's best suppliers. They are donating five percent of all profits to the Canadian Nurses Foundation and Second Harvest.


The menu has a huge variety of items from curried udon noodle soup to Korean fried chicken to eggplant Parmigiana to classic mac and cheese. You can also get vegetable and chicken broths, whole chickens or chicken breasts and prime rib burgers. The entire list of everything available is here. Delivery is free if you live in Etobicoke, Toronto and Mississauga, and $10 for Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Vaughan and Markham. There is a $50 minimum order. Rosie :)

Grocery Store Wait Times in Toronto During COVID-19

Most of us have given up on Costco, but you still need to get groceries somewhere and these days there are line-ups to get into most supermarkets, LCBOs and Dollaramas. It would be nice to know in advance what you are in for... and thanks to Florence-based developer Miki Lombardi, now you can get a sense of the estimated wait times at grocery stores in Toronto with this interactive map. . The map is global and covers many stores in the Greater Toronto Area, using data from Google similar to the way it gathers traffic information. The colour-coded pins (green to red) show you how long a wait you are in for, from five to 60 minutes.


This Dollarama has a wait time of 25 minutes at 4:20pm.


The map updates every five minutes. Are you waiting in a massive line somewhere right now? Get started here and help other shoppers head somewhere else. The less we congregate, the safer we will be. Rosie :)

Booking A Doctor's Appointment Online in Ontario

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life look a lot different that it did just a month ago. Simple things like going to the grocery store to pick up eggs has become a challenge (I can't seem to get my hands on any eggs this week.) Calling up your family doctor for an appointment is also stressful, because they are understandably unable to see you, but we all still get sick with other stuff and have medical concerns that aren't necessarily coronavirus related. That's why it's amazing we have access to virtual doctors that can help us if we have a sore throat and are concerned it's something more serious... or if we hurt ourselves and aren't sure whether it warrants a hospital visit or not.

If you have an OHIP card, here are some links to online medical clinics that offer free video chat, phone and secure messaging consultations with licensed Canadian doctors:

TIA HEALTH: www.tiahealth.com

TIA HEALTH provides online COVID-10 screenings and doctors who speak a variety of languages. You can choose whether you would like to have a phone call. or a video chat. Tia Health is available nationwide and is covered in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia with a valid health card.

EQ CARE: www.eqcare.com

EQ Care offers online appointments across Canada with physicians in English and French. In addition to urgent medical advice, mental health services are also available 24/7. The site also offers a COVID-19 self-screening tool.

MD CONNECTED: www.mdconnected.ca

MD Connected offers virtual appointments for a wide range of conditions in Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba and New Brunswick. Consultations are available in several languages including French, Mandarin, Hindi, Farsi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, and Arabic.

~Other options for booking a video doctor's appointment online in Ontario include:

Appletree Virtual Care (available in Ontario only)

VirtualMed (available in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec)

Hoping this helps you if you need it... stay safe and healthy. Rosie :)