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Images From the City: Practice Physical Distancing

After a day where Toronto confirmed 457 cases of COVID-19, you would think everyone would be getting the importance of not gathering closely in groups, but it's not sinking in. Playgrounds across Toronto now have signs reminding everyone to keep their distance from each other, but people are still congregating and chatting at neighbourhood parks. It's really hard to be isolated, especially during such a scary time... but we have to do better. Stay home, stay apart... and with hope soon we can play and work safely again.


Playground-caution tape- COVID-warning.jpg

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Shop Canadian at

Many of us are online shopping right now more than ever, trying to get the groceries and cleaning supplies and soaps and everything else we need to keep going while we wait out this awful COVID-19 pandemic. Amazon is the go-to for many, but I want to remind you about another online store that is Canadian (based in Guelph) that also delivers right to your door. I've been shopping at since 2013, when I was searching for my son's liquid melatonin and it was the only place I could find it. Many items that I need but haven't been able to find easily right now, including flour and liquid hand soap, are available to order. The increased demand for many products due to us isolating at home has certainly overwhelmed them and they are limiting the number of orders they take every day, but if you order first thing in the morning you should be okay.

What I have always liked about is that they offer many high quality, eco-friendly products that you may not see in your local Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart, like this shampoo bar which replaces two to three bottles of shampoo:

Bottle None be YOU Shampoo Bar

We make a lot of smoothies and I really like the Vega protein mixes. often puts them on sale and there is a large variety of flavours available.

Vega Chocolate Protein Smoothie

The customer service is great and it always feels good to support a Canadian business. Take care of yourselves and your families, Rosie :)