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Angelic Nails Bar | South Etobicoke: NOW CLOSED

**Angelic Nails Bar closed in February 2020.**

For years I never bothered with manicures because my nails do not grow too long without breaking, and polish always chipped off within hours of getting my nails done so didn't really see the point. Then the SHELLAC manicure came around and that changed... now even my short nails could have amazing colours that actually lasted. There are lots of great places in Toronto to get a good shellac manicure but I found a new place on The Queensway that is just a little extra special. I rarely get the trendy pretty nail art because my nails are so short, but at Angelic Nails Bar even short nails can have ombré...


I never know what I want so I loved that Lyda took charge and gave me the most gorgeous festive nails for the Christmas season. She's awesome! Angelic Nails Bar is located at 732 The Queensway in south Etobicoke, just east of Royal York. 416-792-0341. Rosie :)