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Moxie's | Downtown Toronto

The patio at this location of Moxie's is really nice. The atmosphere in the summertime depends on the day... if the Jays win, it's bananas. If they lose, it's chill and relaxed. The food is reliably tasty; steak and salmon are always good choices. The baked potato is next level. So delicious. It's a must-order side.



Lots of TVs for sports watching but doesn't have an annoying sports bar vibe. This Moxie's is very conveniently located in Toronto's downtown core at 70 University Avene.. Rosie :)

La Cubana | Ossington

The food in Cuba is wonderful. On our trips to Havana we ate some really delicious stuff, drank some perfect cocktails and woke up every morning to the best coffee outside of Rome. I didn't think I would taste mojitos or medianoches like I had in Havana right here in Toronto. From the authentic pressed cubano sandwiches to the juicy guava bbq beef short ribs, La Cubana recreates delicious Cuban favourites in their two locations on Ossington and Roncesvalles. These pics are from a dinner at the Ossington location, but both spots are equally spot-on.


IMG_2478.JPG IMG_2477.JPG Pork-sandwich-la-cubana.JPG

Pics coming soon from the Sunday brunch menu at the Roncesvalles location, which is fantastic. Rosie :)