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Dragon Legend | Markham

Bian Lian or face changing is an ancient Chinese dramatic art. The masks are brightly painted and represent characters from Sichuan opera. Each colour represents a different character and the faces are highly differentiated. The performer wears an elaborate and vivid traditional costume moving quickly to fast paced music alternating movement with poses. With a swipe of the fan or a movement of their head their entire face changes before the eyes of an astonished audience. The secret of the face change has been passed down from one generation to the next within families. Traditionally only males were permitted to learn Bian Lian, the theory being that women do not stay within the family and would marry out passing the secret to another family. It is truly something to behold and is part of the rich cultural experience a guest at Dragon Legend can expect. Performances take place every Wednesday evening starting at 6:45 p.m.


Oyaji Sushi | Richmond Hill

Tucked in a little strip mall on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill is Oyaji Sushi. The family who runs this Korean Japanese restaurant has been in the biz for awhile and it shows. The fish is fresh and packed with flavour. The complimentary starters arrived quickly and were hot and tasty; the tempura broth soup with noodles was a table favourite and the miso soup was delicious. Presentation was also quite lovely.


Easter in the Kingsway

If you are looking for something fun and free to do Easter weekend with your little bunnies, head over to Easter in the Kingsway in the west end of Toronto. There is lots of free entertainment, free chocolates, surprise giveaways and Easter bunnies hopping all over the place. The trampoline is always a hit.


Get your picture taken with the Easter rabbit at the northwest corner of Royal York Road and Bloor St. West. Easter in the Kingsway takes place the Saturday of Easter weekend in Etobicoke's Kingsway neighbourhood, which stretches from Prince Edward Drive to Montgomery Road. The Kingsway is home to lots of lovely restaurants and boutiques and a location of one of my favourite bakeries, Bake Sale and French restaurants, Merlot. Rosie :)

Map of the Kingsway

Extreme Pita | Vellore Village | Vaughan

March Break is wrapping up and after a week of hitting a lot of drive-thrus, we decided we needed a quick and healthy early dinner to fuel our busy Saturday of errands. I really could not look at one more nugget. It's Nutrition Month and I wanted some vegetables. The Extreme Pita in the Vellore Village shopping centre has the new Extreme Entrees which are more filling than a pita, super-nutritious and so, so tasty. Here's the Chimichurri Beef entree.