McNie's Fish & Chips

We wanted to celebrate Robbie Burns Day with some haggis. This Scottish dish of sheep's heart, liver and lung is seasoned and mixed with suet and oatmeal then boiled in the sheep's stomach. At McNie's, they deep fry it. Not traditional, but way yummier.

rsz_haggis (2).jpg

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Rick C in Oakville on February 15, 2015 7:46 PM

McNie's use to have locations in Oakville and Scarborough, by far the best Fish and Chips I have ever had. Being a Scot, warms my heart to see that Haggis is still on some restaurants menus. Must admit i haven't had Haggis in about 10-12 years, when my late fatherin law's pipe band use to host Robbie (or Rabbie) Burns nights.

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