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Balance Sculpture in Liberty Village

The only thing better than public art is public art that incorporates lots and lots of splashing water. We came across this lovely sculpture in Liberty Village and my little man thought it was pretty cool.


It's called "Balance" and pays tribute to the area's industrial history. Balance was a collaboration led by Greystone Architectural Partners. At the request of First Capital Realty and as part of Boiler Room Historical Renovation Program, this sculpture waterfall feature was created by Rob Robinson Design. What a beautiful addition to the area.


The water coursing through the gears represents the "pulse of progress that drives us." It's right across the street from the Starbucks on Hanna Avenue. Rosie :)


Brunch at The Drake Hotel

Brunch at the Drake is awesome, especially if you eat outside on the patio on a sunny morning. The 'Southern Fried Chicken and Waffle' comes topped with Niagara cherry jam and crème fraîche. So good.


The "Lumberjack" is a plate piled with eggs, Perth bacon, apple and sage sausage, homefries, lots of marble rye and a huge pancake.


The Americanos are perfect.


We were too early to order real drinks but the options were great; mojitos, mimosas and three different types of Caesars... my favourite! Rosie :)

Viking Fish and Chips | South Etobicoke

**Update: Viking Fish and Chips has moved from it's location on the Queensway since 1952 to 2416 Lake Shore Blvd West.**

Every year on Good Friday, we go to Viking Fish and Chips on the Queensway. It's a neighbourhood gem.The halibut is so fresh and the batter is perfect; light and crispy.

rsz_viking1 (2).jpg

Wondering where to buy Irn Bru in Toronto? It's here:

rsz_irnbru (2).jpg

Viking Fish and Chips has been in business for over 50 years. It was starting to show it's age but has recently been renovated and now looks as great as the food tastes. Rosie :)

rsz_viking (2).jpg