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Covernotes Coffee Shop | Richmond Hill

I am a huge fan of this cozy Richmond Hill coffee shop. The coffee and treats are excellent (I ate my huge delicious mocha brownie so fast I forgot to take a picture) but what really caught my attention was this:



This sunny coffee shop has a lovely library section which hosts author nights. The walls are adorned with the colourful works of local artists.



The coffee hits the spot here and the WiFi is complimentary, making it an excellent "coffice" (coffee shop/office.) Cover Notes is nestled right beside the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts and there is free parking in the back. Rosie :)

Cover Notes.jpg

Dino's Burrito- South Etobicoke: NOW CLOSED

Despite it being my experience that burritos don't really photograph well, I have done my best to capture my grilled shrimp burrito from Dino's on the Lakeshore.

rsz_dinoburrito (2).jpg

It was not your traditional burrito with toppings like guacamole and sour cream, but rather filled with mushrooms and cheese. Not for everyone, but a good option if the lines are too long at Fat B's or Burrito Boyz. Rosie :)

Rocco's Plum Tomato II | The Queensway

There is a take-out location of Rocco's Plum Tomato right next door to the Rocco's restaurant on The Queensway. For many years now, this is the place we pick up dinner on a Friday night. This is hands down the best place in Toronto for a sandwich under $10. My favourite is the breaded veal, followed by the meatball.



The sandwiches are huge, freshly made, piled high with the best toppings and sauce, and consistently delicious.



The pizza is also excellent. You never know what slices will be ready when you get there... tonight there was a pretty good selection.


Keep in mind, while Rocco's is a chain, this particular Rocco's is a cut above. The sauce is authentic and when you order take-out here, everything is made fresh. Which means sometimes you have to wait a little, and it's always worth it. Rosie :)

Kelsey's on The Queensway

I've haven't been to a Kelsey's in a very long time. At least a decade! But the one on the Queensway across from the Cineplex was recently renovated, and it looked so pretty with it's sparkly colourful lights we decided to check it out after seeing Anchorman 2. It's a perfect place to dine if you want good food and a fun vibe.


The starter calamari was perfect, lightly battered and very flavourful:


The sandwiches and burgers are just enormous, and delicious. The messy fish sandwich is beer-battered:


This burger had avocado on it, and many other tasty toppings. I could only eat half.


The bar was very lively, and stocked with good stuff. I've never seen wine on tap before, so I had to try it. $1 an ounce. I had nine of them. The Sauvignon blanc was really nice!

rsz_wineontap (2).jpg

Fun, casual and really good. I'd return! Rosie :)