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My Raw Denim Jeans: Do Not Wash

Not washing my dry denim Nudies (found at Holt Renfrew Last Call on sale for $100) for six months. This started a few weeks ago. So far so good. If you spill, spot clean only.


You are meant to wear them every day. This appeals to my frugal girl sensibilities, as this makes for a very low cost per wear. It also appeals to my loathing of doing laundry. Rosie :)

Raw Comfort Food Workshop by MAP Wellness

I'm always trying to do my best to make healthy food for my family. It's hard, but I find being knowledgeable about what you eat helps a lot. That's why I was really excited when my friend Meghan Pearson, owner of MAP Wellness, invited me to one of her raw food workshops. I didn't know much about preparing and eating raw foods but I did know it involves vegetables and nuts and other stuff that is extremely good for you. Meghan's 'Raw Comfort' class was amazing. She develops her own recipes, demonstrates how to make them, and teaches you about nutrition along the way. Last night's class focused on "comfort" dishes, and started off with mini pecan pies sweetened with dates and raisins. These tasted as good as they look:

rsz_mappecanpie (2).jpg

After showing us how easy it is to make almond milk (which Meg then turned into chocolate almond milk with raw cacao and cinnamon) she whipped up some apple sauce, also sweetened with dates.

rsz_mapapplesauce (2).jpg

My little man loves corn (I hide all his protein in it) so I am eager to make Meg's creamy corn chowder, which is made creamy by the almond milk. You may think, shouldn't corn chowder be hot? This was incredibly flavourful at room temperature, which, as Meg points out, is the temperature to which most of us allow our food to cool before we eat it anyway.


The final dish was a creamed spinach stuffed tomato with a side of whipped parsnips. Cashews and macadamia nuts get thrown in with the parsnips, along with some super nutritious and crunchy hemp hearts:


Nutritional yeast is the magic ingredient that gives the spinach its creaminess. You would never know there is no dairy in this dish.


If you want to check out some of Meg's other workshops, visit the MAP Wellness website for the class schedule. On February 13th, you can catch her whipping up her famous raw lasagna on the Live Healthy Now show on Rogers, and then on Global's The Morning Show making her vegan chocolate recipes on February 14th for Valentine's Day. You can also read Meg's blog entries on Huffington Post, where she is a regular contributor. Rosie :)

rsz_mapmeg (2).jpg

Picture Framing in West Toronto

For this past Mother's Day, my son's preschool made me a lovely print of my little man's hand. I have no idea how they managed to keep him still long enough to do this, but I didn't ask any questions as I was delighted. Then for Father's Day, we received a clay print of his foot. That also seemed like an impossible feat but again, just happy to see a footprint. These prints really are something special, so special that I wanted to preserve them. For that, I went to JC Framing in Etobicoke. John is more than just a framer. He takes your stuff and turns it into something really special, something you want to keep forever.

rsz_jc_framing_006 (2).jpg

I love how he made the foot gold. So nice. John is creative and lovely and you should get him to frame your stuff. JC Framing is located at 4225 Dundas St. West in Etobicoke, in the Kingsway Mills Plaza. 416-233-0627 (no website.) Rosie :)

Buying Reusable Swim Diapers Online

**Update: Diaper-eez closed in 2017. Gabby's products are available online at the My Lil' Miracle website.**

I took my little man swimming fairly early, at six months. I had a feeling he was going to love the water like I do, and he so does. At first I bought the disposable swim diapers but was turned on to the reusable Mother-ease brand after visiting one of my favourite baby stores, Diaper-eez in Bloor West Village. Diaper-eez is known for a quality selection of baby products and particularly their cloth diaper systems. Swimming lessons are starting up again and I anted to buy him another pair, but they were out of stock in his size. They recommended I visit Gabby's online store. They have such a great variety of reusable swim diapers and pool pants, and they are so cute. Look at these turtle ones I got him.

rsz_poolpantprint (2).jpg

What I like about Gabby's swim diapers over the Mother-ease ones is that they have hook and loop closures which gives you some flexibility as your little one grows. Gabby's is online only at Gabbys.net. They have been making this stuff since 1990. Rosie :)

LEGO Store at Sherway Free Mini Model Build

LEGO. It's the retro toy that you don't feel kind of weird about loving, like Barbie or the Easy Bake Oven. The LEGO stores are so colourful; the one at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke has this giant red block right at the entrance that I would love to put right on my front lawn.

rsz_lego_store_002 (2).jpg

rsz_lego_store_005 (2).jpg

On my most recent trip to Sherway, I noticed a huge line outside the LEGO store.

rsz_lego_store_008 (2).jpg

That's because it was Mini Model Build Night. Once a month, kids can learn how to build a special LEGO model, and then they get to take it home for free. That explained the line! The event is open to kids ages six to 14 and there is a different theme each month. To find out when the next Mini Model Build is taking place, click on the LEGO store closest to you at the LEGO website and you'll see a store calendar on the right. Rosie :)

Rescue Vintage Winter Sale

There is a huge sale at Rescue, one of my fave vintage stores in the city. Starting today, fall/winter pieces are marked down up to 70% off, and all clothing in the shop is at least 20% off.

Winter Sale Sign1.JPG

Rescue Vintage is located at 102 Ossington Avenue. It's within walking distance of some great restaurants such as Fishbar, The Saint and Hawker Bar. Rosie :)

Happily Ever After

Two of my favourite people in the world got married on New Year's Eve. They had a beautiful ceremony followed by a happy raucous party. Their chocolate wedding cake was made from scratch with a limited edition Kahlua to flavour the ganache. Here is the groom, Jeff, the bride, Jen, and their son Liam, and the cake before it was attacked.

rsz_jenjeffliam (2).jpg

The sweetest way to end the year and start a new one. Rosie :)