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Café Diplomatico | Little Italy

Last night, five girls from all over the city needed an easy place to meet for dinner. That place was Café Diplomatico. Dependable Diplomatico is like an old friend who has been around forever, just waiting for you on College with decent white wine and really solid antipasto plates.

rsz_diplomatica (2).jpg

Diplomatico, ti voglio bene! Rosie :)

inspiraTO, Canada's Largest Ten Minute Play Festival

When artistic director Dominik Loncar founded inspiraTO, he wanted to see if you could make an awesome play in ten minutes that tells a compelling story. Turns out you can, and people love it. This is the seventh year of the festival, which has produced 82 ten-minute plays and gets over 300 submissions each year. The theme of this year's festival is Vision. The inspiraTO Festival runs from June 1-10 on the mainstage of Toronto's Alumnae Theatre (70 Berkeley Street.) To check out show times and buy tickets visit the InspiraTO website. The productions are grouped into one showing of six to eight ten-minute plays, and the first grouping of shows is this Friday June 1st at 8pm. Go, go, go... every minute counts! Rosie :)


LL Cool J for Kids

Let's face it everyone. LL Cool J is adorable and sweet. And not just because he was the first rapper to release a love ballad. He may have told the world he's bad and his mother may tell him to knock people out, but how mean a dude can someone be who goes on an addition expedition with Elmo?

Or tries to makes things UNANIMOUS with Oscar?

He even shows us what to do with PUNCTUATION on Electric Company:

LL Cool J = ADORABLE! Rosie :)

Woody's Burgers

Not much to say here except Woody's Burgers are the best burgers in the city. The meat is from local cattle. Everything is made fresh on-site every day. There is no processed crap in any of it. They are even made-to-order on a Canadian hardwood burning grill. You have to wait a bit, but as you can see, it's so worth it.

rsz_woodys (2).jpg

The one on the left has gorgonzola and smoked ketchup. The one on the right, brie and roasted peppers. So next year Toronto Life, make your way west to Long Branch and add Woody's to your list of best burgers in the city. Don't be scared, south Etobicoke is nice. And it's Toronto! Rosie :)

Woody's Burger Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

A Park With A View

The tallest structure in the world now stands in downtown Dubai instead of downtown Toronto, but that doesn't affect my love for the CN Tower in the least. I think Toronto's skyline is stunning because of it. I have always liked how everyone knows what and where the CN Tower is whether they've lived in Toronto a few weeks or their entire life. It is a very distinct landmark. Even though I went to school downtown for years, my sense of direction is such that I would often find myself using its soaring presence as a navigation tool. As a result, the sight of it provides me with a sense of comfort and familiarity. These days my very favourite place to admire the downtown Toronto skyline is from the very awesome Humber Bay Park.


Not only does Humber Bay Park offer a really spectacular view of the city, it is home to the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat which I never get tired of visiting.


You may ask, why a picture of a big grey boulder and not some pretty butterflies? My photography skills are simply not good enough for that. However, they were good enough to capture my jumping laughing dancing little man a good foot off the ground.


When was the last time you were so happy you just leaped right off the ground? This park, and its view, will bring it out of you I swear. And if you are visiting the city and wondering where to stay that gives you easy access to popular Toronto attractions, One King West is a great downtown hotel in Toronto. Rosie :)

Thunder in Our Hearts (and on our totes)

Last summer I was in Kensington Market poking through some produce when a girl reached past me to inspect a mango. Slung over her shoulder was a beige tote she was using for her groceries. Emblazoned across the bag were the words "There is Thunder in Our Hearts." I was frozen for a second- did her bag have a line on it from one of my favourite songs EVER, 'Running Up That Hill' by Kate Bush? It most certainly did. And before I could ask mango girl where she got it, she was gone! She just disappeared. It was sort of weird actually. I couldn't stop thinking about that tote. I started to search, and wasn't surprised in the least when I eventually discovered it was not only by a Canadian designer, but Toronto design duo Fieldguided. Figures, Canadian designers are so interesting and make such beautiful things. Rosie :)


(It's Not Always) Time to Go Outdoors | Canadian Bands We Love

My men love to be outside, so we are pretty much always outside. With the weather so awesome now, my little man doesn't really understand why we have to go back inside when it's dark out. The longing looks out the window are quite dramatic, you'd think we hadn't been out there terrorizing the neighbourhood for the last six hours. (Sorry house down the street but your sprinkler was too tempting for him to resist. And you may be missing a tulip.) Thankfully I have this awesome Super Music Friend Show to get us excited for the next outing... by Hot Hot Heat (they are so supermusic cute, and Canadian!) And now I'll cool it with the Yo Gabba Gabba videos (for now) Rosie :)

Pets or Bugs?

We watch a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba around here. It is the most tolerable kids show by far because of the music. Sometimes our toddler will have long toddled away and we are still watching the Super Music Friend show. And can you blame us, with performances like this by Taking Back Sunday? This song is better than most of what I heard on MuchMusic today. (This episode, Pets, is actually on the PVR right now. My child has way more energy than I do and I'm all out of tricks.)

Pets is a great episode, and so is Bugs. Now, there are a lot of Weezer CDs in our music collection, none of which I brought to the party. I always thought Weezer was a guy thing, like Tom Waits or The Wire. But they have totally endeared themselves to me after this performance. I mean, these guys did not phone it in. Look at those costumes! The drummer just slays me as a praying mantis with extra drumsticks for his pincers. SO FUNNY. Could they be more adorable?

Anatolia | Etobicoke

Tonight we dined with dear friends at Anatolia, a Turkish restaurant in Etobicoke. It is one of those restaurants in a strip mall that you don't even notice until you start seeing it on lists like "Top Ten Toronto Restaurants" and "Best Restaurants in Etobicoke." On the first Friday of each month, there are belly dancers and fortune tellers and all sorts of other fun raucous business. We were not there on the first Friday of the month, so we provided the raucousness. Luckily we find ourselves extremely entertaining. The dish pictured below is the Adana kebab, a spicy mix of lamb and beef. The food is incredibly flavourful and the Baklava is perfect. After dinner we wanted to go for drinks at Hollywood on the Queensway after (which is now Legends on the Queensway) but couldn't bring ourselves to pay a $5 cover charge for the Pink Floyd cover band. We almost certainly will regret that decision someday, but the Galway Arms proved to be a very suitable post-dinner venue. Rosie :)

rsz_anatolia (2).jpg

Eat My Words | Cupcakes in Toronto

Once for my birthday, two colleagues and two of the sweetest and most talented ladies I know (Candice Batista and Kim MacDonald) surprised me with one of the most visually stunning gifts I've ever received. They placed a turquoise hat box on my desk tied up with a pretty brown ribbon. I had no idea what it was and when I opened it, I actually gasped, like people do on TV. Not just because I was relieved it wasn't a hat (they just don't work with my hair) but inside the box were the most beautiful cupcakes I'd ever seen. They were from Eat My Words. It is no secret how much I love a good cupcake, and these were like little works of art, topped with butterflies and flowers. You could barely bring yourself to eat them, but when I did, they were light and sweet and airy, just like perfect cupcakes should be. When the girls told me that sweets from Eat My Words support the Stephen Lewis Foundation it made me love the gift about a million times more. Rosie :)



The Cupcake Outlet | South Etobicoke NOW CLOSED

I was back at the Cupcake Outlet on Brown's Line the weekend and as usual, Mary met me with a big smile. Walking into this colourful little shop just makes me feel happy, with it's pretty stripey walls and delicious smell of insane amounts of sugar. Soon they will have ice cream, and more savoury cupcake flavours, which are my favourite. My weekend cupcakes were chocolate monkey (filled with banana) Dalmatian, lemon meringue, red velvet and Oreo. Mary didn't have my favourites on hand, chocolate mint and maple bacon. Next time! Rosie :)