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FBI Pizza | Mimico

We have been excited to order from FBI Pizza, which Toronto Life named one of the top delivery spots in the west end. FBI Pizza (which stands for Full-Blooded Italian) is brought to the awesome Mimico neighbourhood by the owners of Queen Margherita, so we had high expectations. It did not disappoint. We got a "bigger" pie with a whole-wheat crust, topped with with bocconcini, caramelized onions and pepperoni (I can't have pizza without pepperoni.) Here is the pizza in its entirety. It does not look like that anymore.

rsz_fbi (2).jpg

This delicious pizza brought to mind a pie we had in Chicago; our first deep dish pizza in the city. We had pizza every night there and our fave was this stunning creation of sausage and cheese by Pizzeria Uno. Heaven in a cardboard box. Rosie :)

rsz_chicagopizza (2).jpg

Cakesterpiece Custom Cakes

My little guy loves that crazy and strangely articulate blue monster Grover. I myself am a big fan of his wubba, wubba, wubba song. We both enjoy his dry sense of humour; it reminds us of Dada. For one of his many birthday parties my dad insisted he have a Grover cake. Of course my dad just makes these decrees and delegates them to my awesome aunt, who wasn't about to phone in any old Grover cake. She found the most incredible baker at Cakesterpiece who made a stunning replica of sweet Grover in cake form. I don't know how she managed to create icing fur in the perfect shade of Grover blue, but she did. Grover was delicious. Lucky boy! Rosie :)

grover cake.jpg

Red Pants at H&M

My increasingly fashion-conscious husband recently announced that red pants are in style for men this season. Sure enough, a quick stroll through our local Zara revealed a prominent display of bright cherry-coloured trousers. I couldn't resist picking these up at H&M for my little guy, who wears the current trends quite effortlessly. Rosie :)


The Beaver | Queen West

Like everyone else in this city, my husband and I really wanted to try Grand Electric. But at the end of the day, we couldn't line up for half an hour for pork tacos, no matter how delicious I'm sure they are. So we went to The Beaver, which has been around for awhile. We had lamb burgers and a starter with pear, cambazola and the most flavourful fig preserves that was as good as anything I've ever eaten at Canoe. Two people can easily dine here for under $50, which is another lovely bonus about this spot. Rosie :)

rsz_beaver (2).jpg